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Zimrahin (left) in "Adanel the Wise" by Juliana Pinho

Zimrahin was the wife of Malach, whom she wedded in the year FA 337. After their marriage, she took the elvish name Meldis. She bore Malach a daughter, Adanel, in FA 339, and a son, Magor, two years later.[1]


Meldis was the Sindarin name for Zimrahin, which means friend.

Other versions of the legendarium

In the 'Folk of Marach' family tree from The War of the Jewels, Zimrahin and Malach had a third child. Originally (in version one of the table) there was a note for multiple children that said, "Others not concerned in these Chronicles". In version two of the table this became one name, "" that was changed to "Saelon", though this was subsequently struck out.


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