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A Wyrm

Wyrms were creatures who appear originally in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II under the control of the Goblin and the Mordor faction.


Wyrm attack

A Wyrm preparing to attack an army of Dwarves

Wyrms were large serpent like creatures, with slits for eyes and thick grey scales covering their entire body. They are able to go underground and also able to breath fire. Generally, Wyrms are wingless and legless dragons which have the ability to breath fire.

The Wyrm has a large and powerful head, which is mainly used to dig like a shovel through the hard dirt and rock and hear the supersonic vibrations of its prey. However, it is also used to house an extremely large brain, suggesting that it may be smart enough to plot out how to attack and/or dismember its prey. The Wyrms are also smart enough to hunt in packs of two to four individuals

Portrayals in adaptations

The Hobbit film trilogy

In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies a similar type of creature is depicted burrowing tunnels from which the forces of Dol-Guldur emerge. Tolkien uses the word wyrm several times in his novels, always though referring to nothing more than a dragon.

The Battle for Middle-earth

During the Good Campaign, three Wyrms appear as Commanders during Missions One, Six, and Eight - eventually the three Wyrms are overcome by the united armies of combined elves and Dwarves

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