Woodhall as seen in The Lord of the Rings Online.

"Suddenly they came out of the shadow of the trees, and before them lay a wide space of grass, grey under the night. On three sides the woods pressed upon it; but eastward the ground fell steeply and the tops of the dark trees, growing at the bottom of the slope, were below their feet. Beyond, the low lands lay dim and flat under the stars. Nearer at hand a few lights twinkled in the village of Woodhall."
The Lord of the Rings, "Three is Company"

Woodhall was small Shire village near a hidden Elvish waystation in the Eastfarthing of the Shire.


After meeting Frodo Baggins, Sam Gamgee, and Peregrin Took as they crossed the Shire pursued by Black Riders, the High Elves led by Gildor Inglorion hosted the Hobbits in a wide hall-like space in the woods, roofed by the boughs of trees, by a clearing in the woods above Woodhall.[1]


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