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Will Whitfoot was the Mayor of Michel Delving at the time of the War of the Ring.


He was said to be the fattest hobbit in the Westfarthing. On one occasion the roof of the Town Hole collapsed, covering Will in chalk and earning him the nickname 'Flourdumpling'.[1]

Soon after Frodo Baggins left Bag End, Lotho Sackville-Baggins began buying properties in the Southfarthing. With the aid of Ruffians in the pay of Saruman, Lotho quickly took control of the Shire. When Will went to Bag End to protest, he was seized by the Ruffians and locked up. He spent nearly a year in imprisonment, until he was released after the Scouring of the Shire. He spent several months recovering, during which time Frodo Baggins acted as Deputy Mayor. At the Free Fair of TA 3020 (SR 1420), Will Whitfoot was re-elected as Mayor for another seven years. His successor in the post was Samwise Gamgee.[2]

Portrayal in adaptations

In The Lord of the Rings Online, Mayor Will Whitfoot can be found in the center of Michel Delving. He provides several early quests to Hobbit characters and is also involved in several seasonal festivals.


Foreign Language Translated name
Dutch Willie Witvoet
Finnish Vili Valkojalka
French Will Piéblanc
German Willi Weißfuß
Hebrew ויל ויטפוט
Italian Will Piedebianco
Norwegian Will Hvitfot (Werenskiold tr.)
Villi Kvitfot (Bugge Høverstad tr.)
Russian Уилл Белоно
Portuguese Will Pealvo

Preceded by:
Mayor of Michel Delving
Unknown – 1427 SR
Succeeded by:
Samwise Gamgee