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The Westfarthing was the western and most populated region of the Shire, this is the site of the towns Michel Delving, Tuckborough (part of Took-land), and Hobbiton.

  • Michel Delving is the chief town of the Shire, located in the White Downs. Its name means simply "large excavation".

The Mayor of Michel Delving is the only elected official of The Shire, elected on a seven year term.

Other smaller towns in the Westfarthing include Little Delving and Needlehole.[1][2]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Catalan Comarca Occidental
Chinese 西區
Dutch Westerkwartier
Estonian Lääne-Kihelkond
Finnish Länsineljännys
French Quartier Ouest
Georgian დასავლეთის რეგიონი
German Westviertel
Hungarian Nyugati fertály
Italian Decumano Ovest
Latvian Rietumu novads
Polish Zachodnia Ćwiartka
Romanian Regiunea Vest
Russian Западная Четь
Serbian Западни регион (Cyrillic) Zapadni region (Latin)
Spanish Cuaderna del Oeste
Thai เวสต์ฟาร์ธิง
Turkish Batıdirhem

References Edit

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