Weregild refers to the amount of money someone is worth to their tribe or town. If killed in combat, their family would be entitled to reparations from the slayer according to the value of the weregild.


At the start of the Third Age, Isildur claimed the One Ring as a weregild for his father's and brother's death, despite all council from the wise to destroy it.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic الدّيّة
Catalan Wergeld
Czech Wergeld
Danish Mandebod
Dutch Weergeld
Faroese Mansbót
Finnish Veriraha
French Wergeld
Frisan Wearjild (Western)
Galician Wergeld
German Wergeld
Hebrew ורגילד
Hungarian Vérdíj
Irish Gaelic Éraic/Ericfine
Italian Guidrigildo
Macedonian Cyrillic Подарок
Norwegian Mannebot
Old English Ƿerȝyld
Persian دیه
Polish Główszczyzna
Portuguese Veregildo
Russian Вергельд
Spanish Wergeld
Swedish Mansbot
Ukrainian Cyrillic Вергельд
Welsh Galanas


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