"Tell me what you want done, and I will try it, if I have to walk from here to the East of East and fight the wild Were-worms in the Last Desert."
Bilbo Baggins, in The Hobbit
BOTFA Wereworm

A Were-Worm in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Angus McBride - Were worms

by Angus McBride

Were-worms were most likely imaginary or mythical creatures told of in the stories of hobbits. The were-worms were supposedly terrible monsters that made their home in the Last Desert very far east of the Shire. For a hobbit to declare himself prepared to fight were-worms was a sort of proverbial way of saying that he was ready to do anything.[1]

Appearances in adaptations

Video games


Were-worms were monsters from the 2003 Hobbit game.

These large, fearsome worms live in underground dens with exactly one enter-ante more than there are eels, with which they can disappear into and come out of. They are first seen after the Troll Hole boss fight. They look like caterpillars and when Bilbo kills one, another comes forward to take its place. They are blind and can be snuck up upon. They make a fearsome snarling noise that sounds similar to dogs.

The Hobbit film trilogy


In the 2014 film adaption The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, the Wereworms make a brief appearance before and during the Battle of the Five Armies.

The Were-worms appeared in Mount Gundabad when Legolas and Tauriel were spying behind a rock. Azog and Ragash were leading their army to walk through the tunnel which was dug by the worms. After Thorin and Thranduil hear a rumbling noise below the battlefield, several Were-worms suddenly burst through the ground near the hills surrounding Erebor, only to disappear again soon after. As they appear, Gandalf in horror identifies the creatures as Were-worms. Here, they dig tunnels for reinforcements of the Dol Guldur Orc army. In the film, they look somewhat like collossal rainworms with a rock-like skin and massive jaws, crushing everything in their path. Although their appearance is short, with a good 30 feet in diameter and a visible length of at least 400 feet, they are by far the largest participants in the film's battle aside from Smaug who was said to be measuring over 426 feet to 462 feet[2].


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