Tolkien discussion took place in many newsgroups from the earliest days of Usenet and an group was created in 1992, followed by rec.arts.books.tolkien early in 1993.

The most popular fansite is currently, which is very popular even with the cast and crew. TORn, as it is called, was originally a small movie-news site that gained in prestige as movie-rumors became reality. The filmmakers put special effort into winning over the fans, not simply tolerating but actually actively supporting fansites. Of these, is the most well-known and is probably responsible for popularizing the term Ringers. Fans who have avoided the hype surrounding the movie therefore may not use the term, so it is probably preferable to say "Tolkien fans" or "Lord of the Rings fans" when in doubt.

Another popular fansite is LOTRPlaza, which is a role-playing site that doubles as a forum to discuss everything from whether balrogs have wings to the best way to learn Sindarin.

Currently some fans are pushing for the adaptation of The Hobbit prelude as a feature film, although this may not start for another five years at least.

After that, there is a strong drive to have the Silmarillion adapted, although the Tolkien Estate has not sold the film rights. The Silmarillion could provide enough material to easily create two more trilogies*… at least, but is especially troublesome as it is not a single story.

*Strictly speaking, The Lord of the Rings is not a trilogy but rather a single book that, for purposes of publication, is divided into three volumes. This is another issue of frequent debate. It can also be seen as six books since there are two "books" in each volume.

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