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The Weather Hills were a line of hills located in northern Eriador.


The hills lay between Bree-land to the west and the river Hoarwell to the east. Weathertop, also known as Amon Sûl, was the highest and southernmost hill, lying just north of the Great East Road.


By the early Second Age, the Weather Hills were inhabited by Middle Men, as were the lands around the North Downs and Lake Evendim, to the north and west respectively. It was believed these men were related to both the House of Bëor and the House of Hador. Those dwelling in the Weather Hills may have been among those granted leave by Gil-galad to meet Vëantur in Lindon.[1]

By the Third Age and the Division of Arnor in TA 861 the hills marked part of the border between Arthedain and Rhudaur. Following the fall of Rhudaur, Argeleb I fortified the Weather Hills, and though he was slain, his son Arveleg I maintained the fortifications until Angmar conquered the region and razed Amon Sûl in the year TA 1409.[2]

The ruins of Amon Sûl remained into the late Third Age, when Aragorn led Frodo Baggins and his companions through the surrounding area in TA 3018.[3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Danish Vejrhøjene / Vindbjergene
Dutch Het weer heuvels
Hebrew גבעות הרוחות
Lithuanian Orų kalvos
Norwegian Væråser
Portuguese Os montes meteorológicos
Spanish Los montículos meteorológicos
Swedish Väderkullar


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