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War of the Ring is the most critically-acclaimed board game adaptation based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth works.

"War of the Ring" was made by former Italian company Nexus Editrice in 2004, soon released in English by Fantasy Flight Games, and features art by John Howe.

Plot and gameplay

The game simulates the entirety of the War of the Ring, set on the whole of Middle-earth and including all factions that were combatants during the war. One player controls all the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, as well as the Fellowship of the Ring, while the other controls all forces of evil (called "The Shadow"). In the Multiplayer version, two players split either side though locked in an alliance, with victory points in the end determining the winner. On the Good side, one player controls Gondor and all of the Elven factions (including the Woodland realm in Mirkwood, Lórien, Rivendell, and the Grey Havens), while another controls the kingdom of Rohan, the Dwarves (including the Kingdom under the Mountain and the clans of the Blue Mountains), and a jumbled faction of Men encompassing two different territories - one in Rhovanion, encompassing the Kingdom of Dale, Mirkwood rangers and Beornings, and another in Eriador, representing the remnants of the Dúnedain. On the side of the Shadow, one player controls Mordor, Dol Guldur, Moria, and Mount Gundabad, while the other player commands Sauron's allies: Isengard (including Dunland) and the Southrons and Easterlings (including also Umbar and Khand). 

"War of the Ring" features assymetric play, with the two sides having very different goals and means to achieving them. The Free Peoples win if the Ring-bearers manage to get to Mordor and climb up the slopes of Mount Doom, eventually destroying the One Ring. The Shadow wins if it manages to corrupt the Ring-bearers enough and acquire the One Ring. The other route is the Military Victory option, with each player having to capture enough Cities and Strongholds to trigger victory (10 VPs for The Shadow and 4 for the Free Peoples). 

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