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The Vales of Anduin, also known as Vale of the Great River, were the fertile valleys of the Anduin river. They lay between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, and extended for hundreds of miles.


It was once the original home of all the Hobbits before they migrated into the west to the lands of Bree, Dunland, and finally the Shire due to increasing danger coming from Mirkwood. A colony of Stoor hobbits remained in the Gladden Fields until sometime after TA 2460.

By the latter part of the Third Age, this land was for the most part deserted due to the dread of Mirkwood. Only the Beornings, including Beorn himself, the Woodmen and Radagast at Rhosgobel dared live in or near this land.


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic وديان أندوين
Bosnian Doline Anduin
Dutch Vallei van de Anduin
Finnish Anduinin laaksot
French Val d'Anduin
Frisian Dellingen fan 'e Anduin
German Täler des Anduin
Hebrew עמקי האנדואין
Italian Valle dell'Anduin
Polish Dolina Anduiny
Turkish Anduin vadileri