The Valaquenta is the second part of The Silmarillion.

The Valaquenta is, for the histories, a middle-ground and link between Ainulindalë, which recounts the creation of Middle-earth, and Quenta Silmarillion, where the first major elements of Middle-earth history are elaborated.

Summary Edit

Description of the Valar Edit

In this part, the Ainur are introduced by their given names. Afterwards, they are throughoutly described and their attributes and functions are given. Among them, the more notable Manwë and Ulmo.

Description of the major Maiar Edit

Here, the Maiar are introduced, named and described, including the renowned Istari, also known as Wizards.

Description of the Enemies Edit

This section speaks of the major Dark Powers, Melkor and his subject Sauron, who would later become the Dark Lord himself after his master's defeat, giving them brief descriptions.

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Etymology Edit

Valaquenta was Quenya word that meant 'Tale of the Valar'.[citation needed]

Behind the scenes Edit

Although sequential descriptions of the Valar go back to The Book of Lost Tales, the earliest writing that resembles the Valaquenta is found in the text called Quenta Noldorinwa (published in volume four of The History of Middle-earth). It then became Chapter 1 of the Quenta Silmarillion (entitled Of the Valar). In revisions to the Quenta Silmarillion done in 1958, the section was split off into a separately titled work. There is nothing to indicate why Tolkien felt that the piece should stand alone. While it is not a narrative, neither is the chapter Of Beleriand and its Realms, and Tolkien never seems to have considered removing that section.


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic فالاكينتا
Bulgarian Cyrillic Валакуента
Catalan Vàlaquenta
Chinese 維拉本紀
Georgian ვალაქუენტა
Hebrew וַלָאקוֶנטָה
Japanese ヴァラクウェンタ
Korean 발라퀜타
Macedonian Cyrillic Валаквента
Persian والاکوئنتا
Russian Валаквента
Serbian Валаквента (Cyrillic) Valakventa (Latin)
Thai วาลาเควนตา
Ukrainian Cyrillic Валаквента
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