Valacirca was one of the constellations of stars set in the heavens of Arda by Varda.


Valacirca was created by Varda just before the Awakening of the Elves and as with Wilwarin, Soronúmë, Anarrima, and Menelmacar, she set them in the heavens as signs to come. Valacirca was meant to be a warning to Melkor of his eventual downfall.[1]


Valacirca is a Quenya word that meant 'Sickle of the Valar'.[1]

Other Names

It was also known as the Seven Stars, the Sickle and the Wain (by the Hobbits). Today it is comparable to a section of Ursa Major, known as the Big Dipper. Note: this was likely not Durin's Crow (also seven stars) which was likely the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis).[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ቫልካርካ
Arabic فالاسيركا
Armenian Վալածիրծա
Belarusian Cyrillic Валацірца
Bengali ভালাসারকে
Bulgarian Cyrillic Валацирца
Georgian ვალაკირკა
Greek Βαλακίρκα
Gujarati વાલાસીર્કા
Hebrew ואלאקירקה
Kannada ವಲಕಿರ್ಕಾ
Kazakh Валакирка (Cyrillic) Valakirka (Latin)
Marathi वॅलेसीरका
Mongolian Cyrillic Валакирка
Punjabi ਵਲਾਸੀਰਕਾ
Russian Валакирка
Serbian Валацирца (Cyrillic) Valacirca (Latin)
Sinhalese වලකර්කා
Tamil வலாசிரிக்கா
Tatar Валасирка
Telugu వలసిరికా
Ukrainian Cyrillic Валакірка
Urdu ویلاکیرکا
Yiddish בֿאַלאַקירקאַ


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