Hello! My name is Elvin which ruffly translates into The Friend Of Elves. I really like Tolkiens Universe so I decided to build some of the famouse structures from Middle-Earth in Minecraft but not only that, in Miniature! I hope you enjoy and I know they are really off with the proportions, you'll have to forgive me! 

It didn't take me that long but everything is built by hand (noticeable) and Mordor was the hardest in my opinion and I am kind of disappointed in the result (So much emptiness and only flat ground, I'll work on it...) 

Minas Tirith was a challenge and I know it's not really seven levels as it is but you know, everything can't be perfect!

The Shire is actually just one Hobbit Hole which I'm really proud of and I think it looks pretty good! 

I don't really know if you can comment on these blogs but if you can, leave a comment what you think and what I should build next time maybe!

Have a good day meaning the weather and that it’s a good day whether you want it or not; and that I feel good on this particular day! ❤️

  • Minecraft Isengard
  • Minecraft Hobbit House(Hole)
  • Minecraft Mordor
  • Minecraft Minas Tirith
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