Hello guys,

As I see many Tolkien fans on this site, I was thinking whether we would create a Map Game. It works so that at first we post a map and then players in turns make changes and make steps to change the situation. Please do not be overtly implausible.

I guess we should put the Map Game on either Fanon wiki or other fan site as not to "ruin" the encyclopedia look of this site.

Proposed map:

Expanded universe middle-earth

Base map

Map Middle-Earth LOTR 06

Blank version


  1. Gondor
  2. Mordor
  3. Rohan
  4. Isengard
  5. Lórien
  6. Dol Guldur
  7. Eryn Lasgalen
  8. Erebor
  9. Dale
  10. Umbar
  11. Iron Hills
  12. Khand
  13. Lindon
  14. Harnen
  15. Imladris
  16. Rhun/Balcoth
  17. Eriadoran Dúnedain+Breeland
  18. Bellakar
  19. Shire
  20. Dunland
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