I've never edited this wiki, but I was looking around and I wanted to give you a piece of information that I couldn't find. So, at school, Tolkien had four friends. Further info is on this video: here at the school in which he grew up. With them, he formed a club called the TCBS which stands for:

  • Tea
  • Club (and)
  • Barrovian
  • Society.

These friends would drink tea in the school library and sometimes at the Barrovian store (hence the name) in Birmingham. They would discuss books/literature and this is almost definitely what inspired the 'Fellowship of the Rings'. Another friend he shared was Robert Gilson (son of the head at the time) who died in the war and there is even more about him here

I hope this helps your wiki and I wish it the best! Any more information should be supplied in those videos and there's a lot of things in there! Thanks!

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