Over the years I have been thinking on how the fellowship could have done it better and I don't mean using the eagles. I have heard various arguments about why that wouldn't work. Namely, it would give up stealth and the so-called eagles are actually fairly high up on the middle earth hierarchy of beings so the ring is more dangerous in their hands. To avoid making to many assumptions. I will make only these two. 

1. Middle Earth has at least a medieval level of technology

2. Hobbits are among the safest (if not the safest) carriers of the ring. So they will be our ring bearers.

Even with just these two, there are a number of ways to do it safer:

1. Exchange the ring between bearers periodically. This helps in two ways. First, it splits the ring's corrupting influence over more people. Two the act exchanging the ring might help protect each ring bearer from that influence.

2. Embed the ring in solid metal and carry that way. This way no one can wear the ring and the fires of mount doom should be able to melt more metals you could embed it in.

3. Placed the ring in a lockbox and the box and key to be carried to two different Hobbits. (I am using Hobbits to carry the key because we have spares and because the ring might try to corrupt the key bearer) To make even more secure give the Hobbits a fair coin and have them flip it at Mount Doom and based on the results either the box bearer gives the box to the key bearer or key bearer gives the key to box bearer. Then the Hobbit with the box and key opens the box and throws the ring into Mount Doom. If the box makes to Mount Doom but the key doesn't then throw the box, ring and all, into Mount Doom.

Now you could use a combination of these methods. You could embed the ring in iron then put it in a lockbox then periodically exchange the key and lockbox among the Hobbits.   

Can any of you think of any other ways?       

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