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The Rings of Power was Amazon's newest addition to The Lord of the Rings franchise. As of writing this, only the first season has been released.

This does contain spoilers.

Overall Feelings[]

How did I feel about the show? I felt that, while the show does compress the canon timeline and add characters independent of other works by Tolkien, this show was really well done. I feel that this show was able to accomplish what it set out to do; The world building and action scenes were expertly produced. The cinematography is great and each actor and actress preforms their character to their greatest; They really make the characters come alive.

Galadriel and the Elves[]

I have always loved the elves in LotR; their culture and grace has always drawn me in and captured my attention. This show takes a slightly different approach to the elves that doesn't break the original image of elves but expands them. The Rings of Power expands the life of the elves as they search for a way to save their evident demise. I have heard complaints of Galadriel and how she was written as unlikeable; I would beg to differ. Galadriel is shown to have gone through so much; First she had lost her brother Finrod and, at least as far as she knows, her husband Celeborn to Sauron. Following this, she swears to not rest until that evil who slayed the ones she loved was defeated. She is shown to be exhausting the elvish company who traveled with her and Gil-galad's patience was running thin. Galadriel could feel that the evil was still at large, she closed herself off from others as to not fall to temptations of evil. this causes her character to be more flat and non-emotional which is what most people are complaining about. When her closest friend, Elrond, encourages that Gil-galad to send her away from Middle-Earth to reside in Valinor, she feels utterly betrayed; she thinks that no one will even remotely believe that the evil has returned until it is too late and now she knows that no one will help her stop it---she'll have to go it alone.

This is of course changed when she finds Halbrand. After Jumping off of the ship that was to bring her to Valinor, Galadriel finds a raft that had been attacked by a sea serpent. Here she meets Halbrand, an unsuspecting fellow, who she immediately makes a connection with. they open up to each-other thorough the series and they help each-other out of unfortunate situations. However, this building friendship was in vain as Halbrand is revealed to be the dark lord Sauron. Galadriel, already previously abandoned by her closest allies, now betrayed by the one person she let close. This is why her writing is unappealing to most; her droll and calm delivery of lines is really just a show of how she wants no emotion to show through lest it be taken advantage of by her enemies.

Overall I think that what this show did with the elves was masterfully done. While i didn't touch much on Celebrimbor the part he had to play was still a crucial one.

The Dwarves[]

I LOVED the dwarves in this show. I think that their performances were great and full of life. Disa and Durin IV's relationship was believable and heartfelt while also just being downright funny at times. The plot with Durin IV finding mithril for the first time was well done but i was a bit annoyed with the end of his dialogue between him an his father, Durin III. Their fight was expertly delivered but just didn't carry that emotion at the end. it just left in silence which can be good if done correctly but i just felt that this didn't do it for me.

I loved the relationship between Elrond and Durin IV. Some people claim that this is just the show trying to rehash the Legolas-Gimli friendship but there is so much in this one that differs from what we've seen before. Elrond and Durin IV have a very brotherly bond compared to the friendship seen from Legolas and Gimli.

I think that overall these were the best parts of the show. These storylines felt the most fleshed out and were really well acted.

The Harfoots[]

This is where the show took a small dip for me. Don't get me wrong, the characters were lovable and had all of the comforts of the classic hobbit culture but that was also the problem. Hobbits are very docile creatures who don't get involved with too much but when they do, it is when they are taken out of their everyday lives to do something more; It is here where hobbits really shine in the lore of Middle-Earth. This is very similar to the Harfoots, predecessors of the hobbits, in that their story only really gets riveting when the Stranger arrives. Sadoc was easily my favorite and of course he was the one to die but that's neither here nor there. The Stranger, who is all but confirmed to be Gandalf, was the most interesting part of the harfoot story and i don't really have much else to say. The scene of the Stranger using magic to destroy the The Dweller and their allies was cool.

The Numenorians and the Southlands[]

The humans in Middle-Earth have always been just a sort of background character, bar the few who are main characters. To say the least the real spectacle of magical worlds aren't the people like you and me but rather the impossible. It is, however, always a relief to see really cool humans such as some featured in this show. Elendil is one of these characters who really takes his role in the story and makes it memorable. not to mention that he is like insanely hot. Nevertheless, his booming voice and commanding presence on screen really captures his authority. The rest of the humans didn't really have too much going for them. Isildur had his great moments but he also disappointed at times. I personally found the plot of the Southlands, later renamed Mordor, was pretty weak until the finale of their arc.

and finally

The Orcs[]

I think that the orcs or as they would prefer, Uruks, were just as good as they always are. The practical costumes and makeup were excellent and the voices were classic. With these uruks there came a new character, Adar, who was originally thought to be Sauron. Later we learn that he is merely just one of the first elves who were tortured and corrupted by Morgoth. His addition didn't really change much but did pave the way for the show to cover the eruption of Amon Amarth also known as Mount Doom. Overall they are orcs and are just that.


I know that i rambled at points but overall i would rate this show an 8/10. Personally I loved this show and can't wait for season 2. If you didn't thats totally ok but these were just some thoughts that i have had.

Have a great day!