the Lord of the Rings Battlefield Strategy is a tabletop miniature wargame based on the units, buildings, factions, places & other things from Battle for Middle-Earth, Battle for Middle-Earth II & The Rise of the Witch-King.

Playing the Game

what the game needs is

  1. A Battlefield (ex. Moria, Carn Dûm ETC)
  2. some units (ex. Bolg's Guards, Azog, Witch-King of Angmar ETC)
  3. buildings (ex. Fortress, Barracks, farm, blacksmith ETC)
  4. your faction (ex. Arnor, Goblins, Elves ETC)
  5. players (1-14)
  6. cards of your faction
  7. items (ex. Dice ETC)
  8. a large table to place your battlefield on
  9. have fun!

Factions of the game

there are 11 factions of the game for you to choose

Units of the Game

When you choosed the faction you want, these will be the units for the game & there are painted already.







Rhûn & Harad





Buildings of the Game

not only you'll need units, you need buildings to build your units. These are the buildings of the game

Good Factions

  • Farms, Mallorn Trees, Mine Shaft
  • Barracks, Elven Barracks, Hall of Warriors
  • Archery Range
  • Siege Works, Forge Works, Ent Moot
  • Battle Tower
  • Blacksmith, Eregion Forge
  • Heroic Statue
  • Marketplace
  • Stables, Green Pasture
  • Wall Hub
  • Well, Hearth, Mirror of Galadriel
  • Fortress

Evil Factions

  • Slaughter House, Tunnel, Furnace, Mill
  • Orc Pit, Goblin Cave, Uruk Pit, Hall of the King's Men
  • Lumber Mill
  • Haradrim Palace, Spider Pit, Warg Pit, Troll & Wolf Den
  • Troll Cage, Fissure, Temple of Twilight
  • Great Siege Works, Treasure Trove, Armory, Dark Iron Forge
  • Statue
  • Battle Tower
  • Wall Hub
  • Fortress

Neutral Buildings

  • Outpost
  • Inn
  • Signal Fire
  • Ship Dock
  • Wight Lair
  • Cave Troll Lair
  • Spiderling Lair
  • Goblin Lair
  • Fire Drake Lair

Maps of the Game

Maps are the most important thing you must have to the game. Some are Middle-Earth's maps like Redhorn Pass or Carn Dûm, Some are tournament battlefields like Tournament Rhudaur or some are made up like Unathûn or Sûthamas.

Non Canonical Maps (made by me)

  • Field of Wargs (Glasnûl)
  • Unathûn
  • Sûthamas
  • Húlrand
  • Ered Gundabad
  • Mount Thoran
  • Ammanûl

Trading Cards

trading cards are cards that you must use for your faction

  • Men of the West pack
  • Rohan pack
  • Numenor pack
  • Arnor pack
  • Dwarves pack
  • Elves pack
  • Rhun/Harad pack
  • Mordor pack
  • Angmar pack
  • Goblins pack
  • Isengard pack

Items for the Game

Map buildings

  • Erebor throne
  • Dol Guldur castle
  • Minas Tirith citadel
  • Amon Sûl citadel
  • Fornost citadel
  • Isengard citadel
  • Carn Dûm Fortress
  • Moria throne
  • Rivendell house of Elrond
  • Minas Morgul citadel
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