A Wyrm in Battle for Middle-Earth II

(or as Ered Sythamis, The Wyrm lands & Mount Wyrmast) is a Non-Canonical sandy land near The Caradhras & north of Rivendell. It is said to be the home of the Foul Dwelling Wyrms of Sauron, Saruman & The Goblins of Moria.


It was the land of the Dwarves in a mountain tunnel called "The Mountain Tunnel's Doors". Until when Sauron created & sent some of his Wyrms to Moria, The Goblins made theirs & sent a bunch of Wyrms over the lands to destroy all of the dwarves that remaining in the mountain doors. After the Wyrms laid peaceful in their homes under the sands called "Wyrm homes" or "Wyrm Tunnels". After all their is in the mountain doors are burned skeletons, destroyed BattleWagons & broken weapons. After ten years before the dwarves were defeated, The Fellowship arrived & walked in the lands. When they seen four Wyrms after them they ran & killed the first Wyrm before entering the mountain doors. The Wyrms broked in the doors & chased them in the tunnels. Soon they enter the sand land's rocks where the Fellowship hidded & they killed the three Wyrms until they ran towards the Caradhras & there they climed up just as two Wyrms came up but then dived underground as the Fellowship moved on into the Caradhras. When Sauron defeated, The Wyrms in the land were all killed & the dwarves stayed & worked in the mountains for the fourth age.

Wyrms in a desert land

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