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Although the month is officially over, better late than never to blog about this interesting topic.

Many Tolkien fans already know that there are few women in this universe. Nevertheless, quality and quantity are not always linked: that doesn't stop there being very interesting female characters in this vast universe. Let's get to the heart of the matter by introducing these extraordinary women.

Women's History Month

A powerful and independent elf: Galadriel[]

Galadriel is an iconic character in both the books and the movies. Despite the fact that she lived surrounded by brothers, this did not stop her from developing into an independent woman (an elf even). From the First Age, told in The Silmarillion, she dreams of power and independence.

Granddaughter of the High King of the Noldor, she follows her uncle in his quest for power and adventure in Beleriand. During this turbulent period of war, she finds refuge with her maternal grandfather, Elwë, and his wife, the Maia Melian. The latter will teach her many things, including wisdom. It is during this period in Doriath that she will meet Celeborn, a relative of Elwë.

After the Fall of Beleriand and the beginning of the Second Age, this elf with a strong character leaves for Middle Earth. After some adventures (as we can see in The Rings of Power), she becomes mistress of the Lothlórien with her husband.

Speaking of the series, it shows us the authoritarian and independent character of the elf, although many fans would have comments on the way she is interpreted... As a sign of her power and the respect of the other elves towards her, she receives one of the three rings of the Elves just after their creation.

I think she is a perfect emblematic figure for this month!

A neglected woman: Erendis[]

A female figure that saddens us greatly in the stories is Erendis, wife of the sixth King of Númenor. She represents in my opinion the loving, devoted women who are abandoned by their husbands. She raised her daughter alone and the King was not an exemplary father figure. He abandoned her several times and preferred his expeditions to the love of his wife. An account is dedicated to him in Contes et légendes inachevés and depicts all that I have just said. I strongly advise you to read the chapter dedicated to him.

Her personality can be controversial but she remains a deeply sad woman abandoned by her husband. She will live unhappy during all her life and alone during her last century because of Tar-Aldarion's love of the sea...

A hobbit who believes in her dreams: Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot[]

Nori is a hobbit from the Second Age who only appears in the Rings of Power series. She is one of the main characters of the series.

She is a dreamy and intriguing hobbit. Always ready to help her fellow man, she rescues the Stranger and helps him despite the prohibition of the tribe members. She dares to disobey the elders to follow her principles. She is also loyal to her friends, family and plans. It is her infectious joy that makes us smile repeatedly in this series where everything is not always so happy. I love this character for the reasons mentioned above and what I appreciate the most is that she is as she is, without complexes and this will help them all for the continuation of their journey!


I admit it, it's the first time that I try to write an article of this kind so don't be surprised if it's not excellent.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you learned more about these characters who, in a universe where feminism does not exist, could inspire many of us!