One by one, the Free Peoples of Middle Earth fell...

Hello, I am Saurons man.I've been a fan of LOTR for over half my life! I've read the books over and over and I love PJ's movie series. But I really disliked the first movie in the 1900's. If I could be anywhere in Arda,it would be Nan Curunir. I really think they should have a roller coaster during the battle of Helm's Deep when you're, say flying on a great eagle while seeing Isengard masses of Uruks chaging into the deeping wall. I hope you learn a lot from what I post. One thing I really don't get in LOTRO is that some Uruk-hai are called "Shakh-hai". Also, why does Gandalf say there's 10,000 orcs at the Morannon, it seems there's 300,000 of them.

Favourite LOTR saying: I see you!-Sauron

Favourite LOTR character: I've got 3; Lurtz,Treebeard and Gimli

Favourite LOTR battle: Siege of Gondor

Favourite LOTR weapon: Morgul blade

Favourite LOTR army: 2; Sauron's and Theoden's

Favourite LOTR movie and book: The Two Towers

Favourite The Hobbit character: Azog

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