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Kia ora!

Greetings from Wellington, New Zealand!

Most of my wiki work is on the Genealogy Wikia, but I look in on related wikis at times. One such as this, connected with the region I live in, and Oscar-winners Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson, two of its world-famous citizens, is an obvious one to take an interest in. I think I helped Darth Mantus and GandalfTheBlack to revive the site after its founder gave up on it. See the Wikistats

Please leave new messages for me at the bottom of my Talk page - but if anything is urgent you may be well advised to notify me at too.


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I've just emailed a dozen Frodo fans and told them "Try for a LOTR website you can contribute to" Robin Patterson 00:48, 23 May 2005 (UTC)

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