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GIMLI RULES!!!!!!!GIMLI RULES!!!!!!!!!!GIMLI RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys I'm Philered a user on this,the HP wiki,the HP fanfiction wiki ,the star wars wiki ,the star wars fanon wiki and the runescape wiki. Here is some random bits about me: My favourite: books are Harry Potter,Artemis Fowl and Others food is yorkshire puddings song is Not afraid by eminem bit in LOTR is when boromir is training Merry and pippin and hits pippins foot so they jump on him! characters are (lord of the rings:) Gimli,Aragorn,Frodo,Merry,Pippin,Sam and Gandalf (bad guys in LOTR) Saruman and witchking (hp) Ron,George,Fred and Remus (star wars) Luke,Han and chewbacca (Artemis Fowl) Butler,Foaly.

Personal Data
Race Dwarf
Other names Lock (Gimli,Aragorn,Legolas and Lorae)
Date of birth TA 2882
Gender Male
Height 4"1
Hair color black
Eye color black

"Yeah Hobbits, i love these guys!"
Lokin upon seeing strider and the hobbits enter rivendell.

My Life



"Yeah Hobbits, i love these guys!"
Lokin upon seeing strider and the hobbits enter rivendell.

Lokin was born to Glóin and Fóno and brother to Gimli.In TA 3018 Lokin went to rivendell before the council of elrond to tell elrond news of the east which he asked for. Upon arriving he gave Elrond the news and was invited to stay for a while. In a few minutes of staying there the hobbits arive. He led the hobbits (except frodo) to a corner in his room where they got to know basically everything about them like Sam was Frodo's gardener. Gimli went to get some bread and cut a loaf in half when someone entered the room. Lokin being cautious threw the knife but the door got it. It turned out to be Arwen telling Sam where Frodo was. Frodo joined them later and Lokin and Frodo started a friend ship. As the council of Elrond was called Lokin went to say hi to his brother, going near where the council were appearing he found Lorae spying on them. Lokin joined Lorae after scaring her of course! When the ring was given to Frodo and the fellowship started Lorae jumped out and joined. I said farewell to Gimli and got on a horse back to where they live. (Like Lorae when J.R.R heard of the war of the ring he thought they were to many characters so removed me) On January 15 Lokin was sent to Moria to check on Balin,his relative but when he got there (me being an extreme rider) he saw the fellowship being sad. He told them on his way here he saw orcs coming in this direction. They fleed Moria.

Chase for Merry and Pippin

"Merry and Pippin are heading that a-way.....i think"
Lokin upon riding after the orcs with Merry and Pippin.

As i was the only one on the horse i lead the way to where Merry and Pippin were. The others (Gimli,Lorae,Legolas,Aragon) were behind me even though they (defintly Lorae) could still see me. I gave Boromir a ride to the orcs as he was the only one with a shield. Me and Him got there first. I rescued Merry and Pippin while Boromir defended them. As they got on the horse and i offered Boromir a hand up the others came so we had a sort-of battle. Boromir died in the battle.

Helm's Deep

"Well time to protect Helm's Deep but before sleep!"
Lokin upon arriving to Helm's deep.

As Lokin was tired when he got to Helm's Deep he fell asleep staright away. When he awoke the battle already started but he didn't delay he got his axe and started fighting and then put on his proper clothes then started fighting again. He was very tired during the battle and threw an orc's sword (which he knocked out his hand) randomly and it nearly beheaded Legolas he did that again with 2 other swords which nearly hit Aragorn and Lorae. He then threw another one this time that one hit a soilder on their side in the back pushing him forward which pushed an orc of the bridge and landed on another orc climbing up the ladder, when loads of people saw that it was more silence which was broken by Lokin's voice shouting 'EPIC' across the battlefields. As Legolas and Gimli had a competion Legolas had 42 dead orcs, Gimli had 43 and Lorae had 423. Gimli went off to avoid Lokin but Lokin already heard. Then he caught up with Lorae:

"Oh Prissy Princess" Lokin shouted

"Yeah, Lock?" Lorae Replied

"I heard you got 423 i wasn't awake competly through the battle but i did Epic moves!"

"I saw you made an orc fall on another Orc!" "Yeah" (Lorae starts to walk off) "Oh and Lorae i got 422!"

"423? you and I have the same amount!"

"Must mean something!"

"Means we're both great" Lokin gets a bottle from his boot

"I'll drink to that!

Path of the dead

"Legolas it's your brother!"
Lokin upon seeing a dead person with sharp ears.

Lokin was dragged by Gimli to the path of the dead, literally as he was knocked out when a horse stood on his chest and knocked him out cold. When Lokin woke up he followed aragorn but then got lost (I didn't know that until) then he banged into a wall where a dead horse's bones fell on me. He went mad and started running away from something which was on his back. Then he saw Aragorn and others fight the Dead King near at the end he came in and stopped as a sword nearly hit him. The bones then hit the King, Lokin then pushed him to the bridge where he,Aragorn,Lorae,Gimli and Leoglas dueled him. Legolas got punched so he fell back, Lorae helped him Aragorn nearly fell of the bridge and Gimli and Lokin Protected him by luring the witch king away. Gimli Pushed him near aragorn who jumped up and pushed him over. Therefore he died and Aragorn became the thingy.

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

Same thing happened as Helm's Deep he fell asleep but woke up just in time to see a Oliphant squash like 60 orcs then fights them. Gimli,Legolas,Lokin and Lorae had the same challenge and oliphants were worth 10 points. Lokin went straight for the Oliphants and took down 18 oliphants. At the end: 1194!

The Battle of the Black Gate

"only GIRLS were dresses!!"
Lokin having an arguement with Lokin

Lokin went home to the dwarven realm for a bit after a arguement with Legolas it started after Lokin did another one of those moves in the Plennor fields and nearly took of Lorae's arm....again. (I can't say it wasn't stupid but i said sorry!) Legolas:LOKIN. YOU NEARLY TOOK OFF LORAE'S ARM! Lokin:Oh yeah sorry about that but an orc was really close to climbing up and attacking a man who was fighting 4 orcs already! Legolas:SORRY'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH YOU NEARLY TOOK OFF HER ARM! Lokin: BUT I DIDN'T Legolas:YOUR JUST A STUPID LITTLE DWARF WHO IS COMPLETLY USELESS Lokin:WELL IF YOU THINK IM SO USELESS WHY DON'T YOU DO THIS THING WITHOUT ME! Legolas:FINE THEN WE'LL ACTULLY GET SOMEWHERE. SEE YA MIDGET Lokin: OH AND BY THE WAY ONLY GIRLS WERE DRESSES (LEGOLAS:ITS A ROBE!) but then when he got home Glóin heard and shouted out him for leaving them. However he was forgiven as he lead the dwarven soilders (I have NO idea why J.R.R didn't write this i mean whats kwler than an army of dwarves fighting someone twice/trice their side!) to fight in at the black gate. During the battle he got wounded in the neck, carried on fighting, got wounded in the right leg carried on fighting got wounded in the left knee, chest,both arms and back carried on fighting. Then got evacuated back to medics after a arrow in the left bit of the mouth (NOW THAT HURT!). Sauron got destroyed.

Later life

After Sauron was destroyed Gimli went to the glittering caves and Lokin went to the Iron Hills and proteceted it against orcs. Also Lokin turned into the strongest dwarf alive. One day the fellowship survivours regrouped and all sailed to the undying lands, Lokin was one of them.

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