Book 3 This user has an advanced understanding of J.R.R. Tolkien's books.
Lore 4 This user has an encyclopedic understanding of J.R.R. Tolkien's works.
Film 2 This user has an intermediate understanding of the films based on J.R.R. Tolkien's works.

Personal Data
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 6'0"

I am a person who admires the work of Tolkien and his 'Legendarium' of Ea. I currently understand quite a lot of the events and entities within the Lord of The Rings and topical knowledge of books such as the knowledge behind the silmarillion rather than the order of time, which I hope to work on ( More factual knowledge rather than the actual storyline with Feanor)

(i.e Locations such as Tol erresa, the fortress of Angband and the dieties/factions rather than the order of events like when Numenor was corrupted etc.)


LotR games I play:

Bfme and Bfme2 War in the North

(ROTWK) Conquest

Return of the King (Video Game) (I plan to play Lotro)

My personal hobbies include:


Helicopter Piloting




Learning new things, such as the philosophy and meaning to things as well as undertaking the learning of science!

I enjoy looking at the basic structure of how Arda came to be, but most of all, I love the enigma that Tolkien made in creating all of the surroundings, geography, religion, objects, factions and morals.

It would be a pleasure to meet fellow Tolkien fans!

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