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War of the Ring

Attack on the Woodland RealmSauron's assault on OsgiliathWeathertopBalin's TombDurin's TowerAmon HenFords of IsenAttack of the RohirrimBattle of the HornburgIsengardIthilienBattle of OsgiliathSiege of GondorBattle of the Pelennor FieldsDaleBattles of LórienMirkwoodCirith UngolBlack GateDol GuldurBattle of Bywater

Solid canon

  1. The Hobbit
  2. The Lord of the Rings
  3. The Silmarillion
  4. The Children of Hurin

The Maiar



The Balrogs

Balrog 5


Saruman !






Osse + Uinen = Eonwe

It is my belief that Osse and Uinen are the parents of Eonwe.

Gandalf + Arien = Ilmare

It is my belief that Gandalf and Arien are angelic lovers and have a daughter who is Ilmare. Ilmare has long curly golden hair and blue eyes. Due to the onslaught against the powers of evil, Arien wiped Gandalf's memory when Ilmare was an infant. Afterward, Arien presented Ilmare as her daughter to Gandalf and asked him to raise her as his own. Gandalf understood Arien's duties and wholeheartedly fulfilled her request. During his presence in Middle-earth, Gandalf is oblivious as to who Ilmare's parents are and genuinely believes that he is her foster-father.

Ilmare has had two love interests before the time frame of the Lord of the Rings:

  • Eonwe
  • Gil-galad

She like Melian chooses to marry a living being.

No, I don't like that storyboard

Maiar do not have parents. Ilmare is Gandalf's permanent colleague and surrogate daughter.


  • Baggins of Hobbiton

The Bagginses all live in the sleepy village of Hobbiton. Their patriarch was Balbo Baggins and their matriarch was Berylla Boffin. The alignment between the Baggins and Boffin families go back many generations before the time frame of the Lord of the Rings from 3001 to 1167.

  • The Longfather Tree
  • Brandybuck of Buckland

The Brandybucks all live in the eastern region of the Shire known as Buckland, its chief village being Bucklebury. Their patriarch is Gorhandad Oldbuck who began the building of Brandy Hall in 740 and changed the family name from Oldbuck to Brandybuck. Crickhollow where Frodo was born is also located in Buckland.

  • Tooks of Great Smials

The Tooks all live in the southern region of the Shire known as Tookland, its chief village being Tuckborough. The patriarch of their family is Isumbras Took I, who became the thirteen Thain of the Shire.

  • The Peredhil

The First Age

Beren is a mortal man. Luthien is the daughter of Thingol, the Elven King of Doriath. Beren and Luthien are the first man and elf-maiden to fall in love.

Tuor is a mortal man. Idril is the daughter of Turgon, the Elven King of Gondolin. Tuor and Idril are the second man and elf-maiden to fall in love.

Beren and Luthein have a son named Dior. Dior has a daughter named Elwing and two sons named Elured and Elurin.

Tuor and Idril have a son named Earendil.

Earendil and Elwing had two sons named Elrond and Elros.

The Second Age

Elrond chose the fate of the Elves, which was an ageless life of immortality. Elros chose the fate of the Humans.

Elros was the first King of Numenor. The kingdom of Numenor flourished long in peace and prosperity during the Second Age of the world. The last surviving heir of the royal bloodline was Elendil the Tall.

Elendil had two sons: Isildur and Anarion.

When Numenor was drowned, Elendil and his sons moved over to Middle-earth. There, they established the realms of Arnor and Gondor. Elendil ruled as High King of Arnor and his sons ruled Gondor together.

At the Battle of the Last Alliance, Elendil was killed and Anarion fell.

The Third Age

Isildur succeeded his father as High King of Arnor and Anarion's son Melendil took over the kingship of Gondor. Isildur died when he was ambushed by orcs at the start of the Third Age.

Isildur's heirs ruled over Arnor and Anarion's heirs ruled over Gondor.

In the North, the Witch-king, the leader of the Ringwraiths, declared himself king in the dreaded realm of Angmar. He launched attack after attack and assault after assault upon Arnor.

Arnor fell into ruin and the Dunedain became a wandering people. Their king was now a chieftain among his people, their fortresses were captured, and their strongholds were destroyed.

The last king of Arnor married a royal woman of Gondor and hence, the long sundered lines of two brothers were rekindled.

The Chieftain of the Dunedain was Isildur's heir and heir to the throne of both Arnor and Gondor.

Evil men in Rhun called Easterlings, in Harad called Haradrim, and in Khand called Variags laid siege to Gondor and tried attempt after attempt to topple the mighty nation.

Gondor held strong against the evil men best against them and endured long in their endless conflicts. However, the last king of Gondor named Earnur disappeared without a trace. In his absence, the stewards of Gondor became the lords of the kingdom and governed with wisdom and with strength.

Watched over by a line of stewards, the kingdom of Gondor awaited the day when the heir to its throne would return.

  • The Kings of the Woodland Realm
  • Durin's Folk
  • The Stewards of Gondor
  • The Kings of Rohan
  • Galadriel's lineage
  • Celeborn's lineage
  • The Princes of Dol Amroth

Sauron's minions

  • The Witch-king
  • Grishnakh
  • Snaga
  • Gothmog
  • Guritz
  • Murgash
  • Gorbag
  • Shagrat

Saruman's minions

  • Lurtz
  • Sharku
  • Ugluk
  • Mauhur
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