Gimli Son of Gloin

aka Gimli

  • I live in Moria
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is Dwarf
  • I am Male
Gimli at the siege of moria.jpg
Personal Data
Race Dwarf
Other names Gimli Son of Glóin. GSOG, Gimli the Stout. Gimli
Date of birth TA 2897
Gender Male
Height 5'4
Hair color Reddish-Brown
Eye color Hazel

Dwarven Story

Good day fellow Middle-earth citizens, I am Gimli born In Third Age 2897. My father Glóin set out on an adventure with his good friend and kin Thorin Oakenshield. Then I come in after my father's return I was summoned by Elrond of Rivendell to speak in a secret council of races. I then was hassled in to a great adventure of my own. After this I have ever since traveled the lands of Middle-Earth looking for a quiet place to live until the ends of my days.

Real Life Story

Hello everyone, I am Francisco a huge LotR fan and Hobbit fan. Thank you all for welcoming me so warmly to this wiki. Here is a bit about myself: since the beginning of Lord of the Rings I have loves the movies and books. As you can tell my favorite character is Gimli for The Lord of the Rings and Glóin for the Hobbit, one of my favorite scenes is the Warg Battle (down below). I can't wait for the Desolation of Smaug, Winter 2013! I have recently participated in the Worldwide Hobbit contest and am exited to get a response from Peter Jackson and I am hoping every can participate. Here is the link:                                                                                                                         

Thanks to all LotR fans for making this wiki possible!


Just to let you guys know I will be starting my "Gimli:" blog posts, please check them out and comment. Thanks

One of my many favorite scenes.

The Warg Attack

The Warg Attack

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