Hello and welcome to my user page. I found this site listed on the Wikia home.

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Pages I have created on the One Wiki to Rule them all

Some of these were created under my IP as I forgot to log-in when I created them.

Pages I have Re-written

Articles nominated

Ideas for this wiki

  • Featured Article ring (accepted)
  • Ringwraith search bar (Proposed)
  • Mouth of Sauron message alert (accepted)
  • The name of Ardapedia for the wiki (rejected)
  • Halloween Project (accepted)



For your valued edit towards the Minas Tirith article. Well Done!: from King Aragorn

AAA Article Attack Award

Dwarves has recieved this medal for contributing the most valued edits to nominated Article Attack

Awarded for the [[{{{article}}}]] article.

For creating all of the chapter articles linked to the portals The Hobbit Chapters and The Silmarillion Chapters
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