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Race Elf
Other names Prissy Princess (Gimli, Lokin)

Hawk-eyes (Aragorn)

Date of birth Sometime after Legolas...
Gender female
Height 5'6"
Hair color Golden Brown
Eye color Brown

Hi! I am 12 years old (Thats why I don't have an account, you have to be at least 13). Even though I am not a user, DON'T underestimate me! I became a fan of the series July 26-ish, 6:30 PM. That was when I first watched the movie FotR. I had started to read FotR a month or two earlier, and made it to the Council of Elrond place. Then I stopped reading and said, "Dad I can't read this anymore! It's really boring!" and set it aside for a month or two. My dad began talking about showing me the movies, and when I did finally see them, I found out what I was missing out on! When we got to the part in the Council where Legolas stands up and defends Aragorn, I started liking him. Five minutes later I was the biggest Legolas fan there ever was (yes that includes being willing to dress up like Legolas "if" I ever went to a movie premire, -I didn't- or "if" I was a boy -I'm not-). You can imagine what I was like at the end of the movie! And there were 2 more movies with awesome Legolas-ness to go! Did I mention that I love Legolas? Orlando Bloom if you're reading this... YOU HAVE THE BEST JOB EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I sign anything that needs to be signed with either -LT- (long story) or -LegolasFan-. Oh yeah I forgot... I absolutely love Legolas!!!!!!

Random things about me

My favorite...

  • Books: LotR, Kingdom Keepers, Peter and the Starcatchers, Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, No More Dead Dogs, Harry Potter
  • Movies: Fellowship of the Ring Part 2, Two Towers Whole thing, Return of the King Whole thing, Harry Potter 1, Harry Potter 5
  • Pastimes: Reading, Reading, Reading, Reading, Writing, Acting, Singing, Reading, Eating Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for proof go to Harry Potter Fanfiction Wiki and go to the blog WIKI UPDATES, scroll down a bit and you'll see...), Hanging out with Friends, Reading, Friendly arguing with Philered about whether Legolas or Gimli is better (Guess who wins...? me!) and Having fun! wait, did I mention Reading?
  • Fictional Characters: Legolas (LotR), Lucy (Narnia), Hermione (HP), Luke (Star Wars), Frodo (LotR), Sam (LotR), Pippin (LotR)

Another odd thing about me is that I am learning Sindarin, the Elvish Language. Its a really cool language, but I don't know any one else who knows it, so if you know it, tell me on my talk page!

Hannon le!!!!! (Thank you!!!!!)

My "Life"

My life is rather complicated, but I will try to explain things in (this style). P.S This is not not not NOT Cannon and I know that! This is just what my role in the story would be IF I were in it! And I found out there is a person named Laura who did a youtoobe thing about a girl named Laura who was adopted by Legolas' family. I AM NOT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though we have similar ideas, I AM NOT HER!!!!! And for the record, I made up my personal fanfiction BEFORE I saw the video!


"Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean that I can't take care of myself! You'd better be carful about who you pick on from now on!" -Lorae after a couple boys tried to bully her-

Lorae was born to Thranduil and was the younger sister of Legolas. She was an odd elf from the start, with unusually good eyesight even for an elf, immense curiosity and a knack for getting into sticky situations which Legolas was constantly getting her out of, although she often could get out of them herself. She was happy learning everything she could about archery and swordfighting, along with dagger throwing and and tracking (Thankfully I am able to learn anything I set my mind to, so I did end up mastering all four of those fighting styles -eventually-).


"Elrond, I'm very sorry, with all due respect and any other formalities you need, I can't let Legolas have all the fun! Besides, he needs someone to make sure he stay on task." -Lorae asking Elrond to let her be in the Fellowship-

Lorae went to Rivendell with Legolas, and although she was not invited to the council, she hid nearby to listen anyway. About half-way through she heard a twig snap behind her. Whirling around, she saw a dwarf baring his teeth and grinning. It took all her effort not to scream. After she recovered, she found out the dwarf's name was Lokin and his brother Gimli was in the council. When she heard Legolas was going to go with Frodo, she ran out to join him.Elrond wanted her to stay behind, saying it was no place for a child, but Legolas told Elrond that Lorae would be the most valuable addition to the Fellowship, saying that she was more talented then himself. Elrond finally agreed. Lorae became fast friends with both Pippin and Aragorn. Gandalf did not seem to think that Lorae could accomplish much, given how young she was (13, VERY young for an elf). Pippin once said she was, "Rather like meself, just an elf-girl." During this time, Lorae perfected her Archery and Swordfighting. (Sadly when J.R.R.Tolkien heard the history of Middle Earth and decided to write a book about it, he thought there were too many characters to include, and cut me out.)

The chase for Merry and Pippin

"Aragorn, I need to say that you are amazing. Absolutely amazing!" -Lorae to Aragorn after he tracked Merry and Pippin to the Fangorn Forest-

[[File: |thumb|200px|Lorae looking awesome!]]

When Merry and Pippin were captured by Orcs, the four (Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn and Lorae,) set off in hot pursuit. Lokin rode ahead of them. Aragorn began calling her Hawk-eyes, as she was constantly saying things like "Oh! theres an Eagle ahead!" though no one else could see it. In Fangorn Forest, when they met Gandalf, Lorae wasn't extremely happy to see him (given that he didn't particularly like her much either). (Same note as above)

Helms Deep

"Legolas, You are the meanest, worst, most hard-hearted brother in the world and, oh I'm so glad that you're being nice again!" -Lorae talking to Legolas after Legolas said he was sorry for snapping at her-

Legolas lost hope before the battle, and Lorae tried to comfort him, but he got angry and stormed away. After a while Lorae ran to Aragorn's room to see if he had more arrows, however Legolas and Aragorn were already inside. Lorae tried to leave, she wasn't too keen on seeing Legolas again, but Legolas stopped her, and said he was sorry, she got her arrows, everything was good, blah blah blah, help came, and the battle began. Lorae started with 50 arrows, and two minutes in, she had to run to Legolas to get more arrows. She shot some more orcs, ran back and got more arrows. After a while, Lokin came and joined the battle, but he was so tired he didn't really know what he was doing, and randomly threw three orc swords, one almost beheaded Legolas, one nearly nicked Aragorn and the last one almost took off Lorae's arm. When the battle finished, Legolas, Gimli and Lorae met up to find out who killed the most orcs. Legolas got 42, Gimli gloated over his 43, and Legolas asked, "Lorae? Your count?" "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Lorae replied. "Come on! What could you do that would suprise a Dwarf?" Gimli asked. "423." "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!" "I did say you wouldn't believe me!" Lorae smiled. "I got 423." Gimli went off muttering, "Prissy Princess... Beat a Dwarf!... Lokin won't let me hear the end of this... 423!........Argh..... Prissy Princess........." She heard another voice calling, "Oh Prissy Princess?" Lokin ran up to her. "Yeah, Lock?" Lorae replied. "I heard you got 423! I wasn't awake compleatly through the battle but I did epic moves!" "Yes," Lorae smiled "I saw you made an Orc fall on another one! And you almost took my arm off!" Lokin called, "Oh and Lorae I got 423!" Startled, Lorae said, "423? You and I have the same amount!" "Must mean something!" Lokin said happily. "It means we're both great!" "I'll drink to that!" Lokin said. "You do that. I need to find Legolas." (from here on out, I will be basing my story on the movies, as I have not read all of the books -yet-)

Paths of the Dead

"Legolas, you can be a hero now!" -Lorae buried under skulls and calling to Legolas-

Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Lorae went to find a army. Lokin came along too. Lokin got lost and didn't find them until they were fighting the gost king. Stuff happened and before she knew it skulls were falling on top of them! As the smallest, no one remembered her as they fought to get out, and Lorae got buried! Great. Just great. Thankfully Legolas remembered at the last moment, dove in and rescued her. (No comment.)

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

"548, 549, 560! And its only been 14 minutes!" -Lorae during the battle-

When the four arrived in Gondor, the battle was already going on. They jumped right in. Legolas took down an oliphaunt in 2 minutes. When he looked at Lorae, she was on her fifth! Lokin woke up a while through the battle and joined them. Again he threw an orc sword at Lorae and nearly took off her arm... again. At the end of the battle, Gimli, Legolas Lokin and Lorae counted how many orcs they had killed. They all agreed that the oliphaunts counted as ten each. "Lets see, 25 oliphaunts would be 250, plus 894 orcs and the ones on top of the oliphaunts would be 50, so 1194!" Lorae said happily. No one was even close to that number. Gimli wouldn't even say what his number was! Legolas got really mad at Lokin for almost taking of Lorae's arm again, and the two of them had a bit of an argument. Lokin left. (Still no comment.)

Battle at the Black Gate

"Wow, thats a lot of bad-guys..." -Lorae's initial response when the "bad-guys" came out-

Lokin brought back a whole dwarf army. During the battle, Lokin nearly died. Other then that, it was a fairly boring battle, meaning Lorae didn't do anything interesting. Oh yeah, Sauron was destroyed, but she didn't do the destroying. Not much else. (No comment yet....)

Latter Life

"Wait, thats it? What do we do now?" '-Lorae directly after Sauron was destroyed-

Lorae traveled around with Legolas and Gimli for quite a while, they went to the Glittering Caves and Fangorn, along with many other places. When they left for the Undying Lands, Lorae went with them and was reunited with Lokin and members of the fellowship. (Yay, comment!!! I became the best archer I could be, and went aroud fighting orcs.)

And They All Lived Happily Ever After, to the End of Their Days.

The oddest (or best) LotR video

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard

Film 2

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