Uruk-hai Pikemen formed the core of the ten-thousand-fold army that Saruman the White sent to attack the Rohirrim's fortress of Helm's Deep. Uruk-hai Pikemen were equipped with large pikes around 12 feet in length in order to counter the cavalry that were the main strength of Rohan's army. Their armor was similar to the rest of Saruman's Uruk-hai consisting of a steel segmented breastplate, greaves, a helmet and gauntlets which often varied in appearance and quality due to being produced by crude orc smiths. Nevertheless they were one of the most heavily armed and armored soldiers that fought on Sauron's side during the War of the Ring.

Usage Edit

When Saruman first began breeding the Uruk-hai scouts, light and heavy sword wielding infantrymen were the only thing on his mind. When his thoughts turned to Rohan, it became apparent that however heavy the infantry were, there was no standing against the legendary cavalry of the Rohirrim. So were born the Uruk-hai Pikemen, for the best thing against a horse powered charge, is a long, sharp stick.

Battle of Helm's Deep Edit

Uruk pikemen

Thousands of Uruk-hai Pikemen marching to the gates of the Hornburg

During the Battle of Helms Deep most of the Uruk-hai Pikemen present were unable to take an active part in the fighting until the Deepening Wall was breached and the main gate had been battered down. Once the wall was breached the Pikemen were among the first units to become involved in hand to hand fighting taking a charge from Aragorn and the Galadrim elves, skewering many of them in their initial charge. The Pikemen along with the rest of the Uruk-hai then pushed the remaining defenders toward the keep. 


Uruk-hai Pikemen forming a spear wall.

When Lord Eomer's forces arrived the next day to relieve the defenders they were met with a bristling wall of pikes, that was fortunately broken by the sun rising over the hill.

What remained of the Uruk-hai was killed by Huorns as they attempted to retreat back to Isengard.

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