Unlight was a weapon and cloak used by Ungoliant.

It came solely from her, and was an inexplicable and all-encompassing darkness. It was a thing of unspeakable horror and dread, for it muffled and swallowed all light caught in its path.

Usage and History Edit

During the Years of the Trees, when she lived in Avathar, Ungoliant wove a great net of Unlight in a large ravine which became her lair. Later, when Melkor came to Avathar and asked for her help in the destruction of the Two Trees, she followed him using the Unlight as a cloak used to hide their approach. After poisoning the trees and draining them of their light, she again used it to cover their escape; its great darkness hindered and prevented even the steadfast determination of Oromë and Tulkas.

Afterwards, she used the dark webs of Unlight to torture Melkor when he refused to surrender the Silmarils to her. After being driven off by Balrogs, she dwelled in Ered Gorgoroth. After mating with the spider-creatures that lurked there, the resulting offspring (including Shelob) produced silk that was not only extremely thick and strong, but of a deep black color, and able to pollute the surrounding area with a terrible, disorienting darkness.[1]

References Edit

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