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The Undying Lands were a realm inhabited by Ainur and Eldar. The area included the continent of Aman and the island of Tol Eressëa. The ocean Belegaer separated the Undying Lands from the western shores of Middle-earth. Only immortals and ring-bearers were allowed to live in this realm.


Eldar Days and Second Age

Originally, mortals were allowed to trade with those from Valinor in the Undying Lands, but were forbidden to sail west beyond the sight of Númenor. However, in SA 3319 (Second Age), Sauron deceived Ar-Pharazôn, the King of Númenor, that the ruler of the Undying Lands would be granted immortality. To prevent the king's invasion, Ilúvatar destroyed Númenor beneath the ocean and set the Undying Lands forever beyond the reach of mortal Men. Elves were still permitted to sail across the sea to the Undying Lands, if they chose to (which most did).[1]

Third Age

In TA 3021, Círdan the Shipwright accompanied Elrond, Galadriel, and Gandalf, the Keepers of the Rings, on a voyage to the Undying Lands, where they intended to remain. They were also joined by Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, Hobbits who were among the very few mortal beings to be allowed passage to the Undying Lands.[2]

Fourth Age

Eventually, Samwise Gamgee, another Hobbit of the Shire, and the Dwarf Gimli along with his great friend Legolas made the journey to the Undying Lands. It is unknown how Manwë took to Gimli’s arrival, as he would have killed Earendil for coming to Valinor uninvited and only spared him because he came on behalf of Elves and Men.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Die Onheilspellende Lande
Albanian Toka e pavdekshmerise
Arabic الأراضي الخالدة
Armenian Անմահ հողեր
Belarusian Cyrillic несмяротныя зямлі
Bosnian Besmrtna zemlja
Bulgarian Cyrillic Нестихващи земи
Catalan Terres eternes
Croatian Besmrtna zemljišta
Czech Země neumírajících
Danish De Udødelige Lande
Dutch De onsterfelijke landen
Estonian Surematud maad
Finnish Kuolemattomat Maat
French Terres Immortelles
Georgian უკვდავი მიწები
German Die Unsterblichen Lände
Greek Τα Αθάνατα Εδάφη
Gujarati અમર જમીનો
Hebrew ארץ בני האלמוות
Hindi अमर भूमि
Hungarian Halhatatlanföld
Indonesian Tanah Keabadian
Italian Terre Immortali
Japanese 不滅の土地
Korean 불멸의 땅
Latvian Nemirstīgās zemes
Lithuanian Nemirštančios žemės
Macedonian Cyrillic Бесмртните Земји
Malagasy Tsy mety lefy ny tany
Malayalam അമരനാടുകൾ
Malaysian Tanah Tanpa Kematian
Mongolian Cyrillic Мөнхийн газар нутаг ?
Norwegian De udødeliges land
Persian زمین بی مرگی
Portuguese Terras Imortais
Romanian Tărâmurile Nemuririi
Russian Бессмертные земли
Serbian Бесмртнe земље (Cyrillic) Besmrtne zemlje (Latin)
Slovak Zem neumierajúcich
Slovenian Nesmrtne dežele
Spanish Tierras Imperecederas
Swedish De odödligas land
Tamil என்றென்னும் நிலங்கள்
Telugu అమర భూములు
Turkish Ölümsüz Topraklar
Uzbek Абадий йерлар (Cyrillic) Abadiy yerlar (Latin)
Yiddish ימאָרטאַל לענדער
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