The north Undeep, between the Field of Celebrant and the Brown Lands, as seen in The Lord of the Rings Online

The North Undeep and the South Undeep were two great westward lands of the Anduin, located between the Brown Lands and the great Wold of Rohan, east of Fangorn forest. They were rare strategic points at which it was easy to cross the wide Great River, and were used by the Balchoth, and by Eorl and his men coming down from the North, directly before the Battle of the Field of Celebrant.[citation needed]

Forts had been built to protect to protect Calenardhon during the time of Gondor's King Rómendacil II; however, these were neglected in the following centuries and had to be repaired by Steward Cirion. These were overwhelmed when the Balchoth attacked, in TA 2510.


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