"I command. I return to Isengard by the shortest road."
Uglúk in The Two Towers

Uglúk was the leader of the Uruk-hai who were sent from Isengard to pursue the Fellowship of the Ring in TA 3018.

Biography Edit

Uglúk and his company were the ones who ended up capturing Merry and Pippin at Amon Hen and headed towards Isengard. He was a fierce fighter but was killed by Éomer.

After his capture of the two hobbits at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, Uglúk stood by his lord Saruman's demands when a band of Orcs, led by Grishnákh, tried to apprehend Merry and Pippin to take them to Mordor, and he beheaded Grishnákh's follower to prevent Saruman's orders from being disobeyed.

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

In Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of The Two Towers, Uglúk is played by Nathaniel Lees. In the preceding film, the initial leader of the Uruk-hai was Lurtz, who killed Boromir and was slain by Aragorn at Amon Hen. Uglúk took command of the troop after his death, proving himself disciplined by standing by his masters' demands.

Voice dubbing actors Edit

Foreign Language Voice dubbing artist
Spanish (Latin America) Gerardo Vásquez
Spanish (Spain) Enrique Serra Frediani
Portuguese (Brazil) (Television/DVD) Mauro Castro
German Gerald Paradies

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 烏骨陸
Greek Ουγκλούκ
Hebrew אוגלוק
Russian Углук
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