The Tower of Elwing or the White Tower of Elwing was a white tower built for Elwing, the wife of Eärendil the Mariner.

It was built for her to see her husband as he drew closer to the earth from his courses throughout the heavens.

The tower was located on the northward borders of the Sundering Seas.[1] According to the Atlas of Middle-earth, it was located off the coast of the northern part of Aman.[2]


The tower was built after Eärendil was sent into the heavens by the Valar following the defeat of Morgoth at the end of the First Age. Elwing did not join her husband in the heavens as she was a lover of the earth. Here or around these lands, she could walk upon the ground and enjoy the feel of the soft and sweet winds off the sea and the hills. It was also believed that while here she learned to talk to birds and assume their shape and fly as they did. So when Vingilot approached the earth, she would fly up into the sky with white and silvery-grey colored wings. Elves from the south with their eyes cast afar could see her as a shining white bird-like figure rose-stained with the color of the sunset in the sky flying up to greet him.[1]

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Toring van Elwing
Albanian Kulla e Elwingit
Amharic አልዊንግ ግንብ
Arabic برج ايلفنج
Armenian Էլվինգ-ի աշտարակ
Asturian Torre d'Elwing
Azerbaijani Elwingın qülləsi
Basque Elwingen dorrea ?
Belarusian Cyrillic Эльвінгская вежа
Breton Tour Elwing
Bulgarian Cyrillic Кула на Елвинг
Cambodian ប៉មអេលវីង
Catalan Torre de Èlwing
Cebuano Torre sa Elwing
Chinese 愛爾溫塔
Croatian Elwingska kula
Corsican Torre di Elwing
Czech Elwingská věž
Danish Elwingstårnet
Dutch Toren van Elwing
Esperanto Turo de Elwing
Estonian Elwing torn
Finnish Elwingin torni
French La tour de Elwing
Galician Torre de Elwing
Georgian ელვინგის კოშკი
German Turmbau von Elwing
Greek Πύργος της Ελβινγ
Hebrew מגדל אלווינג
Hindi एल्विङ का मीनार
Hungarian Elwing tornya
Indonesian Menara Elwing
Irish Gaelic Túr de Elwing
Italian Torre di Elwing
Japanese エルウィングの塔
Javanese Menara Elwing
Kazakh Элвингтың мұнара (Cyrillic) Élvïngtıñ munara (Latin)
Korean 엘윙탑
Latin Turris Elwing
Latvian Elwings tornis
Lithuanian Elwing bokštas
Luxembourgish Tuerm vu Elwing
Macedonian Cyrillic Елwингска кула
Malagasy Tilikambon'i Elwing
Malaysian Menara Elwing
Maltese Torri ta ' l-Elwing
Maori Pourewa o Elwing
Mongolian Cyrillic Элвинг-ийн цамхаг
Norwegian Elwings tårn (Bokmål) Tårnet i Elwing (Nynorsk)
Occitan Torre de Elwing
Persian برج الوینگ
Polish Wieża Elwing
Portuguese Torre de Elwing
Punjabi ਏਲੀਵਿੰਗ ਦਾ ਮੀਨਾਰ
Romanian Turnul de Elwing
Russian Эльвингская башня
Serbian Елвингаска кула (Cyrillic) Elvingaska kula (Latin)
Sesotho Tora ea Elwing
Scottish Gaelic Tùr de Elwing
Sicilian Turri di Elwing
Sinhalese ඇල්විං කුලුන
Slovak Elwingská veža
Slovenian Elwingski stolp
Somalian Taallo Elwing
Spanish Torre de Elwing
Swahili Mnara wa Elwing
Swedish Elwings torn
Tagalog Tore ng Elwing
Tajik Cyrillic Бурҷи Елвинг
Tamil ஏல்விங் கோபுரம்
Thai หอคอยเอลวิง
Turkish Elwing'in kulesi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Елвінґська вежа
Uzbek Елвингнинг минора (Cyrillic) Elvingning minora (Latin)
Welsh Tŵr o Elwing
Yoruba Ilé-Ìṣọ́ Elwingì
Yiddish טורעם פון עלווינג


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