The Tower of Avallónë was a great white tower of the Elven city of Avallonë on the island of Tol Eressëa

The tower was the location of the master Palantir.[1]

History Edit

The tower dates back to building of the city in the early Second Age by the Elves returning from Middle-earth after the War of Wrath. The tower was the first sight to be seen by mariners sailing to and from Aman and could be clearly seen from western Númenor and by Númenórean mariners longing for the Undying Lands. By the time of the reign of Tar-Palantir, the city and the tower were veiled in a great cloud and could no longer be seen from Númenor.[2] After Elendil established the Realms in Exile in Middle-earth, he erected towers such as Emyn Beraid throughout his kingdom which held the Palantíri that the Númenórean exiles brought over from Númenor, to observe his kingdom and the tower.[1]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Toring van Avallonë
Albanian Kulla e Avallonë
Amharic ዓቫልሎኔኢ ግንብ
Arabic برج افالونتي
Armenian Ավալոնըի աշտարակ
Azerbaijani Avallónëın qülləsi
Basque Avallónëaren Dorrea
Belarusian Cyrillic Вежа Авалонe
Bulgarian Cyrillic Кула на Авалоне
Catalan Torre d'Avallonë
Cebuano Torre sa Avallonë
Chinese 塔艾佛隆尼
Cornish Tour a Avallonë
Corsican Torre d'Avallonë
Czech Avallonëova věž
Danish Avallonëstårnet
Dutch Toren van Avallonë
Esperanto Turo de Avallonë
Estonian Avallonëi torn
Finnish Avallónën torni
French Tour de Avallonë
Galician Torre de Avallonë
Georgian ავალლონეის კოშკი
German Turmbau zu Avallonë
Greek Πύργος του Αυαλονε
Hindi मीनार का आवल्लोने
Hebrew מגדל אואללוני
Hungarian Avallónë-torony
Icelandic Turn af Avallonë
Indonesian Menara Avallonë
Irish Gaelic Túr de Avallonë
Italian Torre di Avallonë
Javanese Menara Avallonë
Kazakh Аваллонетың мұнара (Cyrillic) Avalloneıñ munara (Latin)
Latin Turris Avallonë
Latvian Avallonës tornis
Lithuanian Avallonë Bokštas
Luxembourgish Tuerm vu Avallonë
Macedonian Cyrillic Авалонеска кула
Malagasy Tilikambon'i Avallonë
Malaysian Menara Avallonë
Maltese Torri ta ' l-Avallonë
Occitan Torre de Avallonë
Persian برج اواللونه
Polish Wieża Avallonë
Portuguese Torre de Avallonë
Punjabi ਅਵਾਲ੍ਲੋਨੇ ਦਾ ਮੀਨਾਰ
Romanian Turnul lui Avallonë
Russian Башня Аваллонё
Scottish Gaelic Tùr de Avallonë
Sinhalese ඇලලෝන් කුළුණ
Slovak Avallonëská veža
Slovenian Avallonëski stolp
Spanish Torre de Avallonë
Swahili Mnara wa Avallonë
Swedish Avallonëstorn
Tajik Cyrillic Бурҷи Аваллоне
Tamil ஆவளொநெ கோபுரம்
Tagalog Tore ng Avallonë
Thai หอคอยแห่งาฤะลลโนเ  ?
Turkish Avallonë'un kulesi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Аваллонеська вежа
Urdu برج اواللونے ?
Uzbek Аваллоненинг минораси (Cyrillic) Avallonening minorasi (Latin)
Vietnamese Tháp Avallonë
Welsh Tŵr o Avallonë
Yoruba Ilé-Ìṣọ́ Avallonë
Yiddish טאַוער פון אַוואַללאָנע
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References Edit

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