The Tower Hall, also known as the Hall of the Kings, was the throne room of the kingdom of Gondor.


The hall was located on the seventh level of Minas Tirith, in the city's Citadel beneath the White Tower of Ecthelion. It was guarded by door-wardens, and accessed from without by a long stone corridor. The hall itself was built of stone, upheld with great pillars of black marble, leading into the mouldings of the arch and lit by deep windows on either side. Tall stone images graven in the likeness of former kings were set between these pillars[1]

At the far end of the hall, set high upon a dais, was the throne of the Kings of Gondor under a canopy of marble shaped in the likeness of a helm. At the foot of the steps which led to the throne was the seat of the Stewards, an unadorned chair of black stone.[1]


It is unknown precisely when the hall was first built, but it existed in its final form at least by the year TA 2698 when Ecthelion I rebuilt the White Tower.[2]

In the year TA 3019, Gandalf and Peregrin Took came before Denethor II, the current Steward, to aid in the War of the Ring against Sauron.[1] At the war's end, the kingship was restored to Aragorn II Elessar, who once again sat upon the throne.[3]


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