Tobold Hornblower, also called Old Toby, was a Hobbit of the Shire.


Tobold was a well-respected gardener, most notable for his discovery and cultivation of the herb Pipe-weed c. TA 2670, or 1070 by Shire Reckoning. He resided in the Southfarthing village of Longbottom, and was there immortalized as 'Old Toby'. His Pipe-weed business led to the herb's popularity throughout the Shire and beyond.[1][2]

The Pipe-weed variety 'Old Toby' was named after him, and 'Longbottom Leaf' possibly refers to him as well. According to Herblore of the Shire, by Meriadoc Brandybuck, it was believed that Tobold Hornblower learned about Pipe-weed in Bree, as that was the farthest from the Shire that he traveled and the herb grows on the south slopes of the hill there. His date of death is not recorded, but he likely died sometime in the twenty-seventh century of the Third Age.[3]

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Foreign Language Translated name
Bulgarian Cyrillic Тоболд Рогосвирец
Chinese 托伯·吹號者
Finnish Tobold Piipari
French Tobold Sonnecor
German Tobold Hornbläser
Hebrew טובולד הורנבלואר
Italian Tobaldo Soffiatromba
Russian Тобольд Дудкинс
Swedish Tobold af Hornenstöt


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