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Timeline of Arda

Here is the complete timeline of Arda in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth canon - from Arda's creation to the last known events of the Fourth Age.


Before the creation of the Sun, few dates can be given, and the dates that are are given in Valinorean Years, which are about a decade in length.

Before the creation of Eä[]

Valian Years[]

Years of the Valar[]

Year Events
YV 1 After the Ainulindalë the Ainur enter .

The First War of the Valar against Melkor begins. Arda is marred.

1500 Tulkas enters Arda, and Melkor flees, hiding in the Outer Darkness.

The First War ends.

1900 The Valar settle at Almaren and create the Two Lamps, Illuin and Ormal.

The Spring of Arda begins: the first plants and forests grow, and animals are awakened.

3400 Manwë ordains a great feast, at which Tulkas weds Nessa

Melkor passes over the Walls of the Night and returns to Arda, raising the Iron Mountains and delving Utumno.

3450 Melkor overthrows the Two Lamps, and Almaren is destroyed.

The Spring of Arda ends. Yavanna sets most living things into the Sleep.

3500 The Valar settle in Valinor in the West, raising the Pelóri. Melkor dominates Middle-earth.

Yavanna creates the Two Trees on Ezellohar to give a new light to Arda. The Years of the Trees begin.

Years of the Trees and the First Age[]

Year Events
Before the First Age
YT 1 After the creation of the Two Trees of Valinor, with Telperion's first blooming the count of Time begins.

The Valar dwell in bliss in Valinor beyond the Mountains of Aman, and all Middle-earth lay in a twilight under the stars.

Melkor sleeps in Utumno, while Oromë hunts the Enemy's beasts throughout Middle-earth. Melkor raises the Misty Mountains to hinder his efforts.

1000 The Valar hold council, for Yavanna and Oromë report that Melkor might rise once more in power.

They discuss the Children of Ilúvatar.

Varda begins to fashion new Stars, and organize them and those already wrought into constellations, over the next fifty years.

Years of the Trees of the First Age
1050 Varda creates the Great Stars, setting the Valacirca in the north as a challenge to Melkor.

The first 144 Elves (Minyar, Tatyar and Nelyar) awake in Cuiviénen. Thus the First Age begins.

Melian travels to Beleriand after ascending Taniquetil to see the stars.

1080 The first Orcs are bred by Melkor, for his spies discovered the awakened Elves, afflicting them with horror.
1085 Oromë discovers the Elves, and calls them Eldar. The Eldar are afraid of Oromë, and blame him for Melkor's work.
1086 Oromë rides back to Valinor and brings message to the Valar. Oromë returns to Middle-earth to stay with the Elves.
1090 Manwë resolves to make a great war upon Melkor.

Over the next two years Melkor is defeated by the Valar and flees into Utumno.

1092 The Valar partially destroy Angband and begin the long Siege of Utumno.
1099 The Siege of Utumno ends. Tulkas captures Melkor and chains him with Angainor.
1100 Utumnno is completely destroyed. Sauron evades his master's downfall and hides in Angband.

Melkor is brought back to Valinor and imprisoned in Halls of Mandos for three ages. The Chaining of Melkor begins.

1101 The Valar summon the Elves through Oromë.
1102 The Elves refuse to leave Middle-earth.

Ingwë, Finwë and Elwë go to Valinor as ambassadors.

1104 Ambassadors return to Cuiviénen and invite the Elves to return with them to Valinor.
1105 The first Sundering of the Elves: the Vanyar under Ingwë, Ñoldor under Finwë, and Teleri under Elwë, depart for Valinor. The Avari, under Morwë and Nurwë, stay in Cuiviénen.
1115 Second Sundering of the Elves: The host pass Greenwood the Great and come to the River Anduin. Some Lindar wish to stay there. Terrified by the Hithaeglir, a part of them go south led by Lenwë.
1125 The Vanyar and Ñoldor arrive in Beleriand.
1128 The host of the Teleri arrive in Beleriand.
1130 Elwë is lost in Nan Elmoth and finds Melian the Maia.
1132 Ulmo brings a mobile island (Tol Eressëa, and the Vanyar and Ñoldor are ferried to Valinor on it.

The Teleri seek for the lost Elwë.

Olwë leads the Teleri and meets Ossë and Uinen.

1133 The Vanyar and Ñoldor arrive in Aman.

The Elves begin the building of Tirion on the hill Túna inside the Calacirya pass.

1140 Tirion is completed.

The Vanyar travel into Valinor, taking up abode on the slopes of Taniquetil.

1142 Yavanna gives the tree Galathilion to the Ñoldor.
1149 Finwë urges Ulmo to bring the Teleri to Aman.

Ossë persuades the Teleri to stay with him and teaches them shipcraft.

Some Teleri stay in Beleriand and establish the havens Brithombar and Eglarest. Círdan becomes their lord.

1150 The kinsfolk of Elwë are left behind, calling themselves "Eglath", the Forsaken People.

Olwë and the most part of the Teleri leave Beleriand.

1151 Olwë and his people are called the Falmari upon arrival in Aman on Tol Eressëa.
1152 Elwë wakes from his trance and dwells with Melian in the forests of Beleriand. He is later called Elu Thingol and rules over his remaining Teleri kin, the Sindar.
1161 The construction of the Falmari's Alqualondë begins with the help of Finwë and the Ñoldor.
1165 The last of the Vanyar leave Tirion.

The Ñoldor strengthen their friendship with the Falmari.

1169 Fëanor, son of Finwë and Míriel is born.

The Ñoldor are taught smithing by Aulë, delighting in jewels and other labours.

1170 Birth of Fëanor, death of Míriel.
1182 Doom of Manwë concerning the espousals of the Eldar.[1]
1185 Finwë weds Indis.
1190 Fingolfin, second son of Finwë born.
1200 Second Age of Chaining of Melkor

Lúthien born in the Forest of Neldoreth.[2]

1230 Finarfin, third son of Finwë born.
1250 Fëanor devises new letters, called Tengwar.

The Dwarves meet the Sindar in Beleriand.

1280 Finarfin weds Eärwen daughter of Olwë.
1300 Turgon son of Fingolfin is born.

Finrod son of Finarfin is born.

Daeron contrives his Runes.[2]

1320 Orcs first appear in Beleriand.[2] Dwarves make weapons for the Sindar.
1350 Denethor and the Nandor befriend Thingol and the Sindar.
1362 Galadriel is born.

Aredhel is born in Tirion.[2]

1400 Melkor sues for pardon and is released from prison in the Halls of Mandos.
1410 Melkor dwells in Váli-màr and befriends the Ñoldor.
1449 Fëanor begins the making of the Silmarils.
1450 The Silmarils are made and Varda hallows them.
1469 Idril daughter of Turgon is born.
1450 to 1490 Melkor spreads lies among the Ñoldor.
1490 The Valar summon Fëanor who threatens Fingolfin with his sword. They exile him to Formenos and Finwë follows.
1492 Melkor appears before the doors of Fëanor and is rejected. He departs Formenos and meets Ungoliant.
1495 Ungoliant destroys the Two Trees of Valinor.

Melkor slays Finwë in Formenos and steals the Silmarils.

Fëanor rebels against the Valar and arrives in Alqualondë, demanding the swanships of the Teleri.

The Flight of the Ñoldor begins.

1496 Mandos appears before the Ñoldor and delivers the Doom of Mandos.

Finarfin and some of the Vanyar repent and head back to Valinor. His children, however, continue to follow Fëanor.

1497 Girdle of Melian set in the Kingdom of Doriath.

The betrayal of Fingolfin and his people by Fëanor in the Burning of the ships at Losgar.

Death of Amras son of Fëanor. (1 version only)

Dagor-nuin-Giliath is fought.

Fëanor is wounded by Gothmog and dies.

Maedhros meets with Melkor and is captured.

1498 Maedhros is chained on Thangorodrim.
1500 Creation of the Moon and Sun.

Fingolfin and his people cross the Helcaraxë and enter Beleriand.

Battle of the Lammoth and death of Argon son of Fingolfin.

Years of the Trees end. Years of the Sun begin. First Age continues.

From this time on years are of normal length. Events from Valinor during the Years of the Sun cannot be accurately dated.

Years of the Sun[]

Years of the Sun of the First Age[]

— Approximately 590 years long

Year Events
YS 1 The Sun first sets sail. From now, the First Age is measured in the Years of the Sun.

Awakening of Men in Hildórien.

Fingolfin's host completes crossing of Helcaraxë.

20 A festival is held among the Elven lords at the Mereth Aderthad.
50 Turgon and Finrod are told by Ulmo to establish refuges. These later become Gondolin and Nargothrond.
52 Finrod discovers the caves of Nulukkizdîn and soon begins building Nargothrond with aid from the Dwarves.
53 Turgon discovers the Vale of Tumladen.
60 Dagor Aglareb (Glorious Battle) is fought.

The Ñoldor, ruled by Fingolfin, start the Siege of Angband.

c. 60 to 200 Morgoth is absent from Angband, after discovering Men. Persuaded by Melkor's lies, some Men stop worshipping Eru Ilúvatar and turn to evil, but others revolt: the Atanatári. These travel to the West in search for the Valar, aided by Avari Elves and Dwarves. (According to Melkor's lies, Men now lose the gift to die at will as the result of divine punishment, and are doomed to lead short life-spans at the end of which death takes them by force.) Not true, According to The Silmarillion, based on Tolkien's notes, Men were intentionally created with shorter life spans ending with the Gift of Ilúvatar.

Finrod builds the fortress of Minas Tirith.

64 Turgon begins building Gondolin.
65 Finrod builds a tower called Barad Nimras ("White Horn Tower") on a cape of the Falas between Brithombar and Eglarest.
c. 102 Founding of Nargothrond.

Finrod hands over Minas Tirith to his nephew Orodreth.

116 Completion of Gondolin. Turgon's people begin the migration from Nevrast in secret.
150 The Dwarves renew their trade in Beleriand.
155 An assault upon Hithlum from the Firth of Drengist is defeated by Fingolfin's forces.
260 Glaurung ravages Ard-galen, but is driven back to Angband.

The Long Peace begins.

310 Bëor leads The First House of the Edain into Beleriand.

Men discovered by Finrod.

320 Maeglin is born in Nan Elmoth
341 Haldar and Haleth born.
361 Andreth, the daughter of Boromir son of Boron is born.
389 Birth of Hador, later Lord of Dor-lómin.
400 Return of Aredhel and Maeglin to Gondolin. Later that year Eöl and Aredhel die.
432 Birth of Beren Erchamion.
c. 455 Birth of Ereinion (later called Gil-galad), son of Orodreth.
455 Morgoth breaks the Siege of Angband in the Dagor Bragollach and kills Fingolfin in a duel.

Fingolfin's son Fingon succeeds his father as High King of the Ñoldor.

Húrin and Huor are brought to Gondolin by Thorondor.

456 Húrin and Huor return from Gondolin to Dor-lómin.
457 Capture of Finrod's fortress of Minas Tirith by the forces of Sauron. Finrod's nephew Orodreth flees for Nargothrond.

Minas Tirith is renamed Tol-in-Gaurhoth, Isle of the Werewolves.

460 Barahir and companions are betrayed and killed.

Beren becomes the sole outlaw in Dorthonion.

464 Birth of Túrin in Dor-lómin.

Beren departs for the Kingdom of Doriath and first comes upon Lúthien.

465 Celegorm and Curufin are exiled from Nargothrond and journey to Himring.

Finrod and Beren are imprisoned in Tol-in-Gaurhoth.

Finrod is slain by a werewolf, but Beren is rescued by Lúthien.

466 Beren and Lúthien achieve the Quest of the Silmaril.

Beren dies, and Lúthien abandons life. Lúthien pleads with Mandos and Beren and Lúthien are restored to life.

469 Beren and Lúthien return to life in Middle-earth, taking up their abode in Dor Gyrth i chuinar in Ossiriand. The Evil Breath, an illness out of Angband, takes the life of Urwen, sister of Túrin.
470 Birth of Dior Eluchíl on Tol Galen.
471 Birth of Tuor, son of Huor.
472 Siege and capture of the Havens of the Falas: Brithombar and Eglarest.

The Nírnaeth Arnoediad is fought, and the Easterlings betray the Ñoldor and the Edain.

Deaths of Huor and Fingon,

Húrin is captured and cursed by Morgoth.

c. 473 Birth of Niënor.

Death of Rían.

490 Death of Beleg.

Gurthang is reforged for Túrin, who becomes known as the Black Sword of Nargothrond, or Mormegil.

495 The Battle of Tumhalad and Sack of Nargothrond.

The coming of Tuor to Gondolin.

497 Dior weds Nimloth.
499 Slaying of Glaurung.

Deaths of Túrin Turambar and Niënor Níniel in the Forest of Brethil.

500 Birth of Elwing, daughter of Dior.
c. 501 Death of Morwen.
502 Death of Húrin.

Thingol commissions the Dwarves to embed the Silmaril with the Nauglamír.

Tuor weds Idril in Gondolin.

503 Thingol is slain, and Melian returns to Valinor in grief.

Kingdom of Doriath is sacked by Dwarves of Nogrod.

Beren, Laiquendi and Ents destroy the Dwarves at the Battle of Sarn Athrad. Lúthien wears the Silmaril.

Dior inherits and restores Doriath.

Final Deaths of Beren and Lúthien. Dior receives the Silmaril.

Birth of Eärendil, son of Idril and Tuor.

506 Doriath is destroyed in the Second Kinslaying.

Dior, Nimloth, and their sons Eluréd and Elurín are killed.

Celegorm, Curufin and Caranthir are slain.

Elwing escapes for the Mouths of Sirion with the Silmaril.

509 Gondolin's location is betrayed by Maeglin.
510 Gondolin is sacked by Morgoth.

Deaths of Gothmog, Turgon, Glorfindel, Ecthelion, and Maeglin.

525 Eärendil weds Elwing at the Havens of Sirion.

Tuor and Idril set sail in their ship, Eärrámë, and leave Beleriand for Valinor.

532 Elrond and Elros are born to Eärendil and Elwing.
538 Third Kinslaying: while Eärendil is away the remaining Sons of Fëanor attack the people of the Mouths of Sirion, trying to claim the Silmaril.

Amrod and Amras are slain.

Elwing casts herself in the sea but is brought to Eärendil by Ulmo.

Eärendil sets out for Valinor to beg for aid from the Valar.

Maglor begins raising Elrond and Elros.

545 to 587 The War of Wrath.

Most of Beleriand is sunk.

The Sea of Helcar is drained through the Great Gulf.

The plateaus of Mordor, Khand, and Rhûn rise from the former seabed.

Eönwë takes the remaining two Silmarils from Morgoth.

Morgoth's Iron Crown is beat into a collar around his neck and attached to Angainor.

Maedhros and Maglor steal the Silmarils, but the jewels burn their hands and Maedhros jumps into a fiery chasm with his Silmaril whilst Maglor casts his Silmaril into the sea, the fate of Maglor is unknown.

590 Morgoth is thrust through the Door of Night into the Timeless Void

The Host of the Valar leaves Middle-earth and summons the Elves to remove to Aman and settle on Tol Eressëa; Círdan, Galadriel and Celeborn, Celebrimbor, Gil-galad and Elrond all elect to remain. A small part of the Ñoldor remain in Lindon, while some Sindar depart east and establish realms under Oropher and Amdír

Second Age[]

— 3441 years long

Year Events
SA 1 Foundation of the Grey Havens under Círdan, and Lindon, the Ñoldorin Kingdom under Gil-galad.
32 Edain reach Númenor, Elros assumes the Sceptre as first King of Númenor.
c. 40 Many Dwarves abandon the ruined cities of Belegost and Nogrod in the Blue Mountains and join Durin's Folk in Khazad-dûm (bore it was named Moria).
61 Birth of Vardamir Nólimon, eldest child of Elros. Subsequently three more children are born.
192 Birth of Tar-Amandil.
222 Birth of Nolondil.
300 Birth of Celebrían.
350 Birth of Tar-Elendil.
361 Birth of Eärendur of Númenor.
442 Elros, also known as Tar-Minyatur, dies.

Vardamir Nólimon succeeds to the throne but abdicates immediately.

Tar-Amandil becomes third King of Númenor.

c. 500 Sauron arises again in Middle-earth.
521 Silmariën is born in Númenor, line of Lords of Andúnië splits off from the line of Kings.
532 Isilmë, sister of Silmariën, born.
543 Meneldur, brother of Silmariën, born.
590 Tar-Elendil becomes fourth King of Númenor.
600 First ships of the Númenóreans sail to Middle-earth.
700 Anardil born.
740 Tar-Meneldur becomes fifth King of Númenor.
750 The Ñoldor found the realm of Eregion near Khazad-dûm.
870 Anardil weds Erendis.
873 Ancalimë born.
882 Anardil and Erendis separate.
883 Tar-Aldarion becomes sixth King of Númenor.
985 Death of Erendis by drowning.
c. 1000 Sauron begins building Barad-dûr.
1075 Tar-Ancalimë becomes the first Ruling Queen and seventh ruler of Númenór.
c. 1200 Sauron deceives the Ñoldor in Eregion, but Gil-galad mistrusts him; the Númenóreans begin building permanent havens in Middle-earth at Lond Daer Enedh and other places.
1280 Tar-Anárion becomes seventh King of Númenor.
c. 1350 Celeborn and Galadriel, together with their daughter Celebrían, emigrate from Eregion to Lothlórien.

Celebrimbor becomes lord of Eregion.

1394 Tar-Súrion becomes eighth King of Númenor.
c. 1500 The Ñoldor under Celebrimbor are instructed by Sauron, beginning of the forging of the Rings of Power.
1556 Tar-Telperiën becomes the second Queen and tenth ruler of Númenor.
c. 1600 Forging of the One Ring.

Barad-dûr completed.

Celebrimbor perceives Sauron's treachery.

Glorfindel is reinstated to Middle-earth by Manwë, with Maia-like powers.

1693 War of the Elves and Sauron begins.

The Three Rings are hidden.

1695 Elrond sent to Eregion as lieutenant of Gil-galad.
1697 Eregion destroyed.

Elrond establishes the refuge of Rivendell.

Celebrimbor dies.

1699 Rivendell and Lindon besieged.
1700 Minastir sends a great navy under Ciryatur to Lindon and he is victorious at the Battle of the Gwathló.

Sauron's forces retreat from Eriador and are practically destroyed.

1731 Tar-Minastir becomes eleventh King of Númenor.
c. 1800 Númenor begins establishing permanent settlements in Middle-earth.
1869 Tar-Ciryatan becomes twelfth King of Númenor.
2029 Tar-Atanamir the Great becomes thirteenth King of Númenor but is hostile to the Valar. The Elendili or the "Faithful" still receive the Elves in secret.
2221 Tar-Ancalimon becomes fourteenth King of Númenor.

The people of Númenor become separated into two parties; The King's Men and the Faithful.

2251 The Nazgûl first appear.
2280 Umbar is founded by the Númenóreans.
2350 Pelargir is built by the Faithful.
2386 Tar-Telemmaitë becomes fifteenth King of Númenor.
2526 Tar-Vanimeldë becomes third Queen and sixteenth ruler of Númenor.
2637 Herucalmo seizes the throne and rules as "Tar-Anducal", but is not counted in the list of kings.
2657 Tar-Alcarin becomes seventeenth King of Númenor.
2737 Tar-Calmacil becomes eighteenth King of Númenor.
2899 Ar-Adûnakhôr becomes twentieth King of Númenor and the first to take his royal name in Adûnaic, the Númenórean language, instead of Quenya, the high language of the Elves. He bans people from using the Elvish languages around him.
2962 Ar-Zimrathôn becomes twenty-first King of Númenor.
3033 Ar-Sakalthôr becomes twenty-second King of Númenor.
3102 Ar-Gimilzôr becomes twenty-third King of Númenor.
c. 3110 Usage of Elvish languages and contact with the Elves prohibited in Númenor.
3119 Birth of Elendil.
3177 Tar-Palantir becomes twenty-fourth King of Númenor, he repents, resulting in civil unrest in Númenor.
3209 Birth of Isildur[3]
3219 Birth of Anárion.
3243 Death of Gimilkhâd, at 198 years old.
3255 Ar-Pharazôn the Golden weds his first-cousin Míriel, the daughter of Tar-Palantir, and seizes the throne of Númenor.
3261 Ar-Pharazôn sails to Middle-earth landing at Umbar, and takes Sauron captive.
3262 Sauron is taken as prisoner to Númenor, but begins corrupting the Númenóreans further.
c. 3265 Sauron becomes Ar-Pharazôn's court advisor.
3299 Elendur, eldest son of Isildur is born.[3][4]

Between SA 3262 and this year, Sauron establishes himself as high priest of Melkor, "Lord of the Dark". The Faithful are openly persecuted and sacrificed to Melkor.

Isildur steals a fruit from Nimloth. The White Tree is felled and burnt in the Temple for Morgoth thereafter.

3310 At Sauron's instigation, Ar-Pharazôn begins building the Great Armament.
3318 Birth of Meneldil, fourth child of Anárion and last man born in Númenor.
3319 Ar-Pharazôn sets foot on Aman; the World is Changed: Aman and Tol Eressëa are removed from Arda, Númenor is drowned, and the world is made round.

Elendil and his sons arrive on the shores of Middle-earth.

3320 Founding of Gondor and Arnor as realms-in-exile by Elendil and his sons, Isildur and Anárion.

Umbar remains a stronghold of the King's Men, now the Black Númenóreans.

3339 Aratan, second son of Isildur born in Gondor.[4]
3379 Ciryon, third son of Isildir born in Minas Ithil.[4]
3429 Sauron's forces launch a surprise attack and capture Minas Ithil, burning the White Tree.

Isildur sails to Arnor while Anárion defends Osgiliath.

The War of the Last Alliance begins.

3430 The Last Alliance of Elves and Men is formed.
3434 Sauron's forces are defeated in the Battle of Dagorlad.

Siege of Barad-dûr begins.

Oropher and Amdír are slain.

3440 Anárion is slain.
SA 3441 Elendil and Gil-galad perish in single combat with Sauron.

Isildur defeats Sauron by taking the shards of his father's sword Narsil and cutting the One Ring from Sauron's finger, destroying Sauron's physical form and winning the war.

In the aftermath of the War many Elves of Gil-galad's following depart to Valinor: end of the Ñoldorin realms in Middle-earth.

Third Age[]

— 3021 years long

Note on Shire-reckoning: Year 1601 of the Third Age, in which the Shire was founded, is year 1 of the Shire-reckoning. Thus, Third Age years can be converted into their Shire equivalents by deducting 1600.

Year Events
TA 2 The planting of the Second White Tree at Minas Anor, Isildur killed by Orcs in the Disaster of the Gladden Fields. Isildur loses the One Ring in the Anduin.

Meneldil becomes King of Gondor.

3 Ohtar brings the shards of Narsil to Imladris.
10 Valandil formally takes the Sceptre of Annúminas as third High King of Arnor.
109 Elrond weds Celebrían, daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel.
130 Elladan and Elrohir are born to Elrond and Celebrían.
241 Arwen Undómiel is born to Elrond and Celebrían.
420 King Ostoher rebuilds Minas Anor.
492 The Easterlings invade Gondor.
500 King Tarostar successfully defeats the Easterlings, and he changes his name to Rómendacil, meaning "East Victor".
541 Easterlings invade Gondor once more, slaying King Rómendacil.
*c.550 King Turambar of Gondor defeats the Easterlings of Rhûn; the Northmen of Rhovanion become allies of Gondor.
830 King Siriondil of Gondor passes. His elder son Tarannon begins the line of Ship-kings.
861 King Eärendur of Arnor dies, his sons dispute the succession and Arnor is divided into three smaller Realms. Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur will fight over Weathertop Hill and the Tower of Amon Sûl for hundreds of years to come.

Annúminas starts to fall into ruin.

933 Eärnil I of Gondor takes Umbar in a surprise attack.
936 Eärnil I lost at sea.
1000 The Wizards come to Middle-earth.
1015 The Black Númenóreans besiege Umbar in an attempt to recapture the city. King Ciryandil of Gondor is slain in the siege, Ciryaher takes the throne.
1050 Ciryaher conquers Harad and takes the name of Hyarmendacil meaning South-victor.

Gondor reaches the height of its power.

The Harfoots cross the Misty Mountains into Eriador.

Sauron takes up abode at Dol Guldur.

Greenwood is renamed Mirkwood.

1149 Death of Hyarmendacil I.

Atanatar II the Glorious takes the crown of Gondor. Under his rule, the power of Gondor begins to wane.

1150 The Fallohides migrate to Eriador.
1248 Minalcar, the "Regent of the realm" of Gondor, strikes a decisive blow to the Easterlings and forms a strong alliance with the men of Rhovanion.
1250 Minalcar sends his son, Valacar to Rhovanion as an emissary.

Valacar falls in love with Vidumavi, daughter of Vidugavia 'King' of Rhovanion.

1255 Eldacar born.
*c. 1259 Castamir the Usurper born.
1300 The shadow over Middle-earth lengthens.

The Witch-realm of Angmar is formed north of Rhudaur under the rule of the Witch-king of Angmar, later revealed to be the Lord of the Nazgûl.

The Nazgûl begin to reappear. Orcs begin to infest the Misty Mountains.

1304 On the death of his father King Calmacil, Minalcar becomes King of Gondor as Rómendacil II.
1344 Death of Vidumavi.
1356 King Argeleb I of Arthedain is killed in defence of the Weather Hills during an invasion by Rhudaur, now controlled by the Witch-realm of Angmar, his son, Arveleg I, ascends the throne.
1366 Valacar ascends the throne of Gondor.
1409 Cardolan is ravaged and Rhudaur annexed by the Witch-realm of Angmar.

The great watch-tower upon Weathertop Hill, and the other fortifications throughout the Weather Hills are burned and destroyed. Arveleg I is slain in battle. Fornost Erain is attacked but successfully defended by the new King Araphor.

1432 Eldacar succeeds his father, Valacar, as King of Gondor.

Castamir the Usurper, Lord of Ships, and a large following of Nobles are distressed by the half-blood King. They rebel and the Kin-strife begins.

1437 Castamir besieges and captures Osgiliath. The palantír is lost in the Anduin, the Dome of Stars is destroyed and the city sacked.

Eldacar flees Gondor, his son and heir Ornendil is captured by Castamir and executed.

1447 Eldacar reclaims Gondor with an army of Northmen and kills Castamir at the Battle of the Crossings of Erui.

Castamir's sons take refuge in Pelargir, Eldacar lays siege.

1448 The sons of Castamir the Usurper and most of the fleet of Gondor flee south to Umbar, and become known as the Corsairs of Umbar.
1490 Death of Eldacar; his son Aldamir becomes King.
1540 King Aldamir of Gondor is slain by Haradrim.
1551 King Vinyarion of Gondor wins a great victory over the Haradrim, taking the name Hyarmendacil II.
1589 The death of Araphor. Argeleb II becomes the tenth King of Arthedain.
1601 Two Fallohide brothers Marcho and Blanco decided to cross the River Baranduin, later Brandywine and settle on the other side, and are followed by large numbers of Hobbits. King Argeleb II gives permission for the founding of the Shire.
1634 The Corsairs of Umbar attack Gondor, slaying king Minardil at Pelargir, and sacking the city.
1636 The Great Plague decimates Gondor and Rhovanion, the watch on Mordor is abandoned.
1640 Minas Anor becomes the capital of Gondor. Osgiliath begins to fall into ruin.
1670 The death of Argeleb II. Arvegil becomes the eleventh King of Arthedain.
1743 The death of Arvegil. Arveleg II becomes the twelfth King of Arthedain.
1810 King Telumehtar of Gondor recaptures Umbar and takes the title Umbardacil.
1851 Beginning of the Wars of the Wainriders.

King Araval of Arthedain wins a victory over Angmar.

1856 The Wainriders first major assault on Gondor. Eastern territories of Gondor lost; King Narmacil II slain in the Battle of the Plains. The Northmen of Rhovanion are enslaved, save for the Éothéod, who escape to the west.
1899 King Calimehtar of Gondor attacks the Wainriders, is victorious in the Second Battle of Dagorlad.

The Men of Rhovanion, occupied by Wainriders, rebel.

1900 The White Tower is built in Minas Anor.
1936 Ondoher succeeds Calimehtar as King of Gondor.
1944 During an invasion by the Wainriders and the Haradrim, King Ondoher of Gondor is killed in battle along with both his sons. The Gondorian general Eärnil defeats their Haradrim allies in the Battle of South Ithilien and then destroys the Wainriders at the Battle of the Camp; Arvedui, son-in-law of Ondoher claims the Crown of Gondor.
1945 After a disputed succession, Eärnil II is crowned King of Gondor.
1964 Arvedui, son of King Araphant of Arthedain, ascends the throne.
1974 Arthedain is conquered by the Witch-realm of Angmar.
1975 Gondor destroys the Witch-realm of Angmar in the Battle of Fornost.

Death of Arvedui.

1976 Aranarth assumes the title Chieftain of the Dúnedain, the Dúnedain of Arnor go into hiding.
1979 The Shire-folk create the office of Shire-thain to assume the functions of the lost king.
1980 The Khazad-dûm Dwarves awaken Durin's Bane, a Balrog, which kills Durin VI, King of Khazad-dûm.

The Witch-king of Angmar returns to Mordor.

1981 Durin VI's son, Náin I, is also killed, and the Dwarves flee Khazad-dûm, which becomes known as Moria.

Amroth and Nimrodel are lost at sea.

1999 The Dwarf Kingdom under the Mountain (Erebor) is founded. About this time Vorondil the Hunter, son of Pelendur, hunts the Kine of Araw in the fields of Rhûn.
2000 The Witch-king besieges Minas Ithil
2002 Minas Ithil falls, becomes Minas Morgul. Minas Anor is renamed Minas Tirith.
2050 The line of kings fails in Gondor. The rule of the Stewards of Gondor begins.
2060 As the power of Dol Guldur grows, the Wise suspect it is Sauron taking shape again.
2063 Gandalf goes to Dol Guldur to determine the identity of the Necromancer. Sauron withdraws before he can do so.

The Watchful Peace begins.

2430 The approximate birth year of Sméagol.
2460 Sauron returns to Dol Guldur in Southern Mirkwood.

The Watchful Peace ends.

2463 The White Council is formed

Sméagol (later known as Gollum) becomes the fourth master of the One Ring, after killing his cousin Déagol.

2475 The Uruks of Mordor attack Osgiliath, destroying the bridge and completing the ruin of the city. They are driven back to Minas Morgul by Boromir.
2485 Eorl the Young is born.
2501 Eorl the Young, becomes Lord of the Éothéod.
2509 Cirion, Steward of Gondor, sends summons to Éothéod for military aid from the people of the same name.

Celebrían is waylaid by Orcs, receives a poisoned wound, and subsequently departs Middle-earth.

2510 The Balchoth invade Gondor, conquering much of Calenardhon, but are driven back by Eorl the Young and the Éothéod in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant.

Gondor gives the now-uninhabited province of Calenardhon to the Éothéod. The Kingdom of Rohan is founded. The alliance between Rohan and Gondor comes into existence.

Celebrían is rescued by her sons Elladan and Elrohir, but although her body is healed by Elrond from the torments of the Orcs, her mind is not. She departs for Valinor.

2512 Birth of Brego.
2544 Birth of Aldor ('the Old').
2545 Eorl the Young, 1st King of Rohan, dies in the battle on the Wold against the Easterlings.

Brego succeeds him as the 2nd King of Rohan.

2569 Completion of the Golden Hall of Meduseld in Rohan.
2570 Aldor, aged only 26, becomes 3rd King of Rohan at the death of his father Brego.

Dragons reappear in the far north, coming into conflict with the Dwarves.

2594 Birth of Fréawine.
2645 Fréa becomes 4th king of Rohan after the death of his father Aldor ('the Old').
2659 Fréawine, becomes 5th King of Rohan.
2670 Tobold Hornblower begins growing pipe-weed in the Shire, and he is the first one to do so.
2680 Goldwine, becomes 6th King of Rohan.
2698 Ecthelion I rebuilds the White Tower of Minas Tirith
2699 Déor, becomes 7th King of Rohan.
2710 Isengard is occupied by Dunlendings.
2718 Gram, becomes 8th King of Rohan.
2741 Helm Hammerhand 9th King of Rohan ascends the throne.
2746 Thorin II, son of Thráin II, is born.
2747 The Shire-folk led by Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took win a battle against a band of Orcs in the Green Fields district of the Northfarthing.
2758 Dunlendings, under Wulf, invade Rohan, supported by the Easterlings and Corsairs of Umbar.
Long Winter 2758 to TA 2759 The Dunlendings take Edoras and lay siege to the Hornburg.
2759 Helm Hammerhand, King of Rohan, dies of hunger and exposure. He is succeeded by his nephew Fréaláf Hildeson who drives out the Dunlendings.

Saruman settles in Isengard.

2763 Balin is born.
2767 Dáin II is born.
2770 Smaug lays waste to the town of Dale and captures Erebor with all of its treasure. The surviving Dwarves there are driven into exile.
2783 Glóin is born.
2790 Thrór is murdered by Azog in Moria. Dwarves from all over Middle-earth begin their preparations for war.
2793 The War of the Dwarves and Orcs begins.
2798 Fréaláf Hildeson, 10th King of Rohan, dies. He is followed by his son Brytta Léofa.
2799 The Battle of Azanulbizar is fought at Moria's East Gate, in which the Dwarves defeat Sauron's minions, but are unable to enter Moria due to the Balrog Durin's Bane.

War of the Dwarves and Orcs ends. Some Orc survivors flee south to the White Mountains.

2842 Brytta Léofa, 11th King of Rohan, dies. Succeeded by his son Walda.
2845 Thráin II is captured by Sauron and imprisoned in Dol Guldur.
2850 Gandalf enters Dol Guldur and confirms that the evil thereby found is indeed Sauron returned. He finds the dying Thráin II in the dungeons and is given Thrór's Map and the Key to the Side-door.
2851 Gandalf urges the White Council to attack Dol Guldur, but is overruled by Saruman (who seeks the One Ring for himself).

Walda, 12th King of Rohan, is killed by an Orc, his son Folca succeeds him.

2859 Fíli and Kíli, the sons of Dis and nephews of Thorin II, are born.
2864 Folca, 13th King of Rohan, is killed by the great boar of Everholt. He is succeeded by his son Folcwine.

The Orcs in the White Mountains are wiped out.

2872 The White Tree of Gondor dies.
2879 Gimli son of Glóin is born.
2885 Harondor is once again claimed by the Haradrim, supported by the Corsairs of Umbar.

Fastred and Folcred, the twin sons of king Folcwine, are killed during the Battle of the Crossings of Poros.

2890 Bilbo Baggins is born. (22 September)
2901 Under pressure from Orc raids, Gondor abandons Ithilien, but establishes the Rangers of Ithilien and constructs hidden refuges to harass the enemy.
2903 Folcwine, 14th King of Rohan, dies and is succeeded by his youngest son Fengel.
2905 Birth of Thengel.
2907 Birth of Gilraen (later wife of Arathorn II).
Fell Winter of 2911 to 2912 White Wolves invade the Shire.

Tharbad is ruined in the aftermath of the great floods.

2930 Arador is killed by Hill-trolls. Arathorn II becomes the 15th Chieftain of the Dúnedain.

Denethor II is born.

2931 Birth of Aragorn II, son of Arathorn II and Gilraen.
2933 Arathorn II is killed while hunting Orcs.
2941 Bilbo Baggins leaves Bag-End with Thorin II and company. (April 27)

Bilbo Baggins obtains the One Ring. (July)

The White Council drives Sauron out of Dol Guldur.

Lake-town is attacked by the dragon Smaug, who is killed by Bard the Bowman.

The Battle of Five Armies

Deaths of Thorin II, Fíli and Kíli. Dáin II becomes King under the Mountain.

2942 Bilbo returns to the Shire with the Ring.

Sauron returns in secret to Mordor.

2944 Bard rebuilds Dale and become king.

Gollum leaves the Mountains and begins looking for the "thief" of the Ring.

2948 Théoden, son of Thengel, king of Rohan, is born.
2949 Gandalf and Balin visit Bilbo in the Shire.
2950 Finduilas of Dol Amroth, daughter of Adrahil of Dol Amroth, is born.
2951 Sauron declares his presence in Mordor openly.

Estel comes of age and is told about his heritage. The Corsairs of Umbar officially ally themselves with Mordor and destroy the great monument commemorating Ar-Pharazôn's victory over Sauron.

2953 Last meeting of the White Council.

Saruman takes Isengard for himself.

Turgon, 24th Ruling Steward of Gondor dies. His son Ecthelion II succeeds him.

Fengel, 15th King of Rohan, dies. His son Thengel returns to Rohan to succeed him.

2954 Mount Doom bursts into flame.
2956 Aragorn first meets Gandalf the Grey.
2957 to 2980 Aragorn as Thorongil serves in the armies of King Thengel of Rohan, and Steward Ecthelion II of Gondor.
2968 Frodo Baggins is born. (22 September)
2976 Denethor II marries Finduilas.
2977 Bain, son of Bard, become King of Dale.
2978 Boromir, son of Denethor II, is born.
2980 Thorongil, in the service of the Steward of Gondor Ecthelion II leads a raid on Umbar and overthrows the Captain of the Haven in the battle upon the quays.

Arwen pledges her hand in marriage to Aragorn.

Frodo Baggins loses both of his parents in a boating accident.

Samwise Gamgee is born.

Théoden, son of Thengel, becomes 17th King of Rohan after the death of his father. Théoden is the last king of the second line.

2982 Birth of Meriadoc Brandybuck. (Merry)
2983 Birth of Faramir.
2984 Ecthelion II dies, Denethor II becomes 26th Ruling Steward of Gondor.
2987 The birth of Elphir, son of Prince Imrahil.
2989 Frodo Baggins comes under the guardianship of Bilbo Baggins.

A company of Dwarves, led by Balin, try to recolonize Moria.

2990 Birth of Peregrin Took. (Pippin)
2991 Birth of Éomer.
2994 Balin is killed. The colony in Moria is destroyed.
2995 Birth of Éowyn.
3000 Saruman begins using the Palantír in the Tower of Orthanc and is soon ensnared and corrupted by Sauron who also has a Palantír. He soon becomes a traitor employing spies who soon report to him that the Rangers are responsible for watching the Shire.
3001 Bilbo Baggins turns 111 and leaves the Shire. The One Ring passes to Frodo Baggins. Gandalf enlists Aragorn's help in tracking Gollum.
3002 Lalia (Clayhanger) Took, the matriarch of the Took-clan, dies, aged 119.

Bilbo settles in Rivendell.

3009 Aragorn captures Gollum at Gandalf's request, and brings him as a captive to the Elvenking's Halls in Mirkwood.
3014 Saruman begins using his influence to weaken Théoden, King of Rohan.
3017 Gandalf finds the Scroll of Isildur detailing the One Ring, in the archives of Minas Tirith.
3018 The Ringwraiths are given the task of retrieving the One Ring.

Gandalf returns to the Shire telling Frodo Baggins he must take the Ring away. (April 12)

Gandalf meets Aragorn at Sarn Ford to discuss Frodo's plan. (May 1)

Sauron attacks Osgiliath. Around the same time, Thranduil's realm is attacked and Gollum escapes. (June 20)

Gandalf leaves the Shire for news in the south. (End of June)

Gandalf writes a letter to Frodo from Bree. (Mid-year's Day)

Boromir leaves Minas Tirith. (July 4)

Gandalf is arrested in the Tower of Orthanc. (July 10)

All traces of Gollum disappear. It is considered that, around this time, being hunted by Elves and by the servants of Sauron, he takes refuge in Moria, but when he finally discovers the way to the Doors of Durin, he cannot leave. (August)

Gandalf escapes the Tower of Orthanc in the first hours of the day. The Ringwraiths cross the Isen. (September 18)

Gandalf goes to Edoras like a beggar, and his entrance is not allowed. (September 19)

Gandalf gains entry into Edoras. Théoden orders that he leaves: "Choose any horse, but leave before the end of the day of tomorrow!" (September 20)

Gandalf encounters Shadowfax, but the horse doesn't allow him to approach. Gandalf pursues Shadowfax for a long way in the hills. (September 21)

The Ringwraiths arrive at Sarn Ford at afternoon and drive away the Rangers guarding it. Gandalf reaches Shadowfax. (September 22)

Four Ringwraiths enter the Shire before dawn. The others pursue the Rangers eastward and later return to watch. A Ringwraith arrives in Hobbiton at nightfall. Frodo, Sam, and Pippin leave Bag-End. Gandalf, having tamed Shadowfax, departs Rohan. (September 23)

Gandalf crosses the Isen. Frodo meets and travels with Gildor Inglorion of the House of Finrod in Green-Hill Country. (September 24)

Frodo spends the night at Crickhollow. (September 25)

Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry enter the Old Forest and find Tom Bombadil. (September 26)

Second night in Underhill. (September 27)

The hobbits are captured by a Barrow-wight. Gandalf reaches Sarn Ford. (September 28)

The hobbits arrive at Bree at nightfall. Gandalf visits Hamfast Gamgee. Aragorn meets Frodo in The Prancing Pony. (September 29)

Aragorn leaves Bree with Frodo and company and they pass through the Chetwood. (September 30)

Gandalf arrives in Bree. (October 1)

Aragorn and the hobbits enter the Midgewater Marshes and encounter Neekerbreekers. (October 2)

Gandalf is attacked during the night at the ruins of the Tower of Amon Sûl. (October 3)

The night at Weathertop Hill. The Nazgûl locate Aragorn and the four hobbits. Frodo Baggins is stabbed by a Morgul-knife. (October 6)

Glorfindel leaves Rivendell looking for Frodo. (October 9)

Glorfindel expels the Ringwraiths from the Last Bridge. (October 11)

Aragorn and the hobbits cross the bridge. (October 13)

Glorfindel picks up the hobbits' trail west of the Hoarwell and follows them, while they climb through the Trollshaws. (October 14)

Frodo and company find the trolls that Bilbo met. Glorfindel finds Frodo in the afternoon. Gandalf arrives at Rivendell. (October 18)

Escape beyond Bruinen. (October 20)

Frodo awakes in the House of Elrond with Gandalf at his side. Boromir arrives at Rivendell by nightfall. (October 24)

The Council of Elrond at Rivendell. (October 25)

The Fellowship of the Ring sets out in the evening. (December 25)

3019 The Fellowship arrives in Hollin (Eregion). (January 8)

Snow above Caradhras. (January 11, 12)

Attack of wolves in the first hours of the day. The Fellowship arrives at the Doors of Durin by nightfall. Gollum begins to follow the traces of the Ring-bearer. (January 13)

Night in the Twenty-first Hall of North end in Moria. (January 14)

The Fellowship flees Moria after Gandalf falls from the Bridge of Khazad-dûm while fighting a Balrog. (January 15)

The Fellowship arrives at Caras Galadhon in the evening. (January 17)

Gandalf pursues the Balrog to the peak of Zirakzigil. (January 23)

Gandalf slays the Balrog and dies. His body stays on the peak. (January 25)

Frodo looks into the Mirror of Galadriel, Gandalf returns to life. (February 14)

Farewell to Lórien. Gollum, hidden on the west bank of the Anduin, observes the departure. (February 16)

Gwaihir transports Gandalf to Lórien. (February 17)

The boats are attacked by night close to the Rapids of Sarn Gebir. (February 23)

The Fellowship passes by the Argonath and camps in Parth Galen. First Battle of the Fords of Isen. Théodred, King Théoden's son is slain in the battle. (February 25)

The Breaking of the Fellowship of the Ring. Death of Boromir; his horn is heard in Minas Tirith shortly before his death. Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took are captured. Frodo and Sam penetrate the east part of Emyn Muil. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli depart in pursuit of the Orcs by night. Éomer knows of the descent of the band of Orcs from Emyn Muil. (February 26)

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli reach the East Wall of Rohan by sunrise. Éomer, against the orders of Théoden, departs the Westfold by midnight, pursuing the Orcs. (February 27)

Éomer and his Éored find the Orcs around Fangorn Forest and slay them. (February 28)

Merry and Pippin escape and find Treebeard. Frodo and Sam find Gollum. Faramir sees the funerary boat of Boromir. (February 29)

The Entmoot begins. Éomer, returning to Edoras, encounters Aragorn. (February 30)

Frodo and Sam begin to cross the Dead Marshes at sunrise. The Entmoot continues. Aragorn finds Gandalf, the White. They depart for Edoras. Faramir leaves Minas Tirith and goes to Ithilien on a mission. (March 1)

Frodo and Sam arrive at the end of the Marshes. Gandalf arrives at Edoras and cures Théoden. The King and his men ride west against Saruman. The Second Battle of the Fords of Isen. Erkenbrand is defeated. Finish of the Entmoot by nightfall. The Ents march to Isengard, arriving there by midnight. (March 2)

Théoden goes to Helm's Deep. Beginning of the Battle of the Hornburg. The Ents complete the destruction of Isengard at 9 pm. (March 3)

The Battle of the Hornburg ends at dawn, when Gandalf arrives with Erkenbrand and the Rohirrim, killing the remaining Uruk-hai with the aid of the Huorns. Théoden and Gandalf ride to Isengard. (March 4)

Théoden arrives at Isengard by midday. Talking with Saruman in Orthanc. A Nazgûl upon his Black Wing flies over the encampment at Dol Baran. (March 5)

Gandalf departs to Minas Tirith with Pippin. Frodo, Sam and Gollum hide close to the Black Gate, and depart in twilight. (March 6)

Battle of Ithilien, Frodo and Sam are taken by Faramir to Henneth Annûn. (March 7)

Frodo departs Henneth Annûn. (March 8)

Gandalf arrives at Minas Tirith. Faramir departs from Henneth Annûn. Aragorn departs from the Hill of Erech and arrives at Calembel. At twilight, Frodo, Sam and Gollum reach the Cross-roads of the Fallen King. Arrival of Imrahil and men of the southern fiefs of Gondor in Minas Tirith. The darkness of Mordor begins to spread. (March 9)

The Dawnless Day. The Muster of Rohan: the Rohirrim depart. Faramir rescued by Gandalf before the Great Gate of the City. An army from the Black Gate takes Cair Andros and invades Anórien. Frodo, Sam and Gollum watch the army leaving Minas Morgul. (March 10)

Gollum visits Shelob but, seeing Frodo sleeping, is almost sorry. Denethor II sends Faramir to Osgiliath. (March 11)

Gollum takes Frodo to Shelob's lair. Osgiliath is lost, Faramir defends the Causeway Forts. (March 12)

Frodo, after escaping Shelob's cave, is attacked by Shelob and poisoned. Gollum, who wants the One Ring, attacks Sam.  Sam defeats him and Gollum escapes. Sam fights off Shelob, who flees wounded. Sam thinks that Frodo is dead and takes the One Ring. Frodo is captured by Orcs under the command of Shagrat and imprisoned in the Tower of Cirith Ungol. The Pelennor Fields are invaded. Faramir is badly wounded. (March 13)

Battle of Dale. Deaths of Brand and Dáin II. Bard II becomes King of Dale and Thorin III becomes King under the Mountain. (March 14-17)

The Siege of Gondor. Minas Tirith is enclosed by Orc armies, who attack the city using catapults. The Nazgûl, under the command of the Witch-king of Angmar, mounted on their Black Wings, attack the city from above. By nightfall, the powerful battering ram Grond tries to break the Great Gate of the City. (March 14)

In the first hours of the day, Grond destroys the Great Gate of the City. Denethor, maddened, tries to burn himself and the wounded Faramir on a pyre. He orders his servants to bring him wood and oil. The horns of the Rohirrim are heard at dawn: Théoden and his army arrive to help Gondor, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields begins. Gandalf and Pippin save Faramir, but Denethor burns himself on the pyre. The Rohirrim break the siege lines, but Gothmog sends in Mordor's reserves. Haradrim legions arrive with Mûmakil, and the Rohirrim start to be pushed back. The Witch-king orders his Black Wing to attack Théoden. He falls to the ground and his horse crushes him. Dernhelm (revealed to be Éowyn) attacks the Witch-king's Black Wing, and slays it in a single strike. The Witch-king is then slain by her and by Meriadoc Brandybuck. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli arrive with men from southern Gondor and Mordor's army is defeated. Samwise rescues Frodo from the Tower of Cirith Ungol. The two finally reach Mordor. (March 15)

Battle under the trees. (March 15) Months later, Mirkwood is renamed Eryn Lasgalen.

Debate of the Captains of the West outside Minas Tirith. Frodo observes Mount Doom. (March 16)

The Army of the West under the command of Aragorn departs Minas Tirith for the Black Gate of Mordor. (March 18)

The army arrives at the Morgul Vale. Frodo and Sam begin their journey to Mount Doom (March 19)

Ambush in Ithilien, a force of Easterlings and Haradrim attempt to ambush the Army of the West but are thwarted by the Rangers of Ithilien. (March 21)

Frodo and Sam abandon the road and go directly across the Plateau of Gorgoroth to Mount Doom. (March 22)

The Army of the West leaves Ithilien. Aragorn sends the wavering to retake Cair Andros. Frodo and Sam get rid of their Orc armor disguise. (March 23)

Frodo and Samwise make their journey to the roots of Mount Doom. The army camps before the Morannon. (March 24)

The Battle of the Morannon. The Army of the West is encircled by the much more numerous Orc army. While they fight, the eight remaining Nazgûl and their Black Wings arrive, but the Great Eagles arrive to help, battling the Nazgûl and their Black Wings. Frodo and Samwise, exhausted and starving, arrive at the Sammath Naur. Gollum, supposedly dead, reappears and attacks Frodo and Sam. Sam fights Gollum, who stays behind while Frodo, who enters the Cracks of Doom. When about to destroy the One Ring, Frodo stops, and puts on the Ring, claiming it as his own, and disappears. Sensing that the Ring is inside Mount Doom, Sauron sends the surviving Nazgûl to fly to Mount Doom. Gollum takes the One Ring, trips and falls into Mount Doom's lava, dying. The One Ring is destroyed. Sauron and his armies are destroyed. Frodo and Samwise are rescued from Mount Doom by Gandalf and the Eagles. (March 25)

Aragorn is crowned King Elessar of the Reunited Kingdom; Gandalf helps Aragorn to find the sapling of the new White Tree. (May 1)

Aragorn marries Arwen Undómiel. (Mid-year's Day (between June and July))

King Théoden is laid to rest in the Barrowfield outside Edoras. Announcement of Faramir's and Éowyn's betrothal. (July)

Faramir marries Éowyn. ((Date unspecified))

Death of Lotho Sackville-Baggins.

Battle of Bywater; death of Saruman and Wormtongue; the end of the Great War of the Ring. (November 3)

3020 Samwise Gamgee marries Rose Cotton and together they move into Bag-End. (Spring)
TA 3021 Éomer marries Imrahil's daughter, Lothíriel of Dol Amroth.

Bilbo marks his 131st birthday, surpassing the Old Took. (September 22)

Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf, Frodo and Bilbo depart from the Grey Havens and go to the Undying Lands. (September 29)

Samwise returns to Bag-End. (October 6)

The Fourth Age begins.

Fourth Age[]

— length unknown

The Fourth Age (in the reckoning of Gondor) began on the year 1422 of the Shire-reckoning. The Fourth Age dates can be calculated by subtracting 1421 from the dates in the Shire Reckoning, or 1420 in some cases, since the Fourth Age began on March 25. This website lists some Fourth Age dates in the FO format, as in FO 1 (as opposed to FA, which is sometimes used for the First Age).

Recreation of Arda[]

Dagor Dagorath (prophesized)

— length unknown

Beginning unknown

  • ?- Morgoth discovers how to break the Door of Night.
  • ? - Morgoth turns the Sun and Moon into dragonborn, all becomes dark.
  • ? - Eärendil descends and meets with Tulkas, Manwë, Eönwë and Túrin Turambar
  • ? - The Final Battle of Dagor Dagorath begins on the fields of Valinor
  • ? - Opposites forces fight, Tulkas wrestles with Morgoth
  • ? - Túrin destroys Morgoth. Final death of Morgoth.
  • ? - The three Silmarils are recovered, Fëanor breaks them, and recreates the Two Trees (new replacement of light)
  • ? - Pelóri Mountains are leveled
  • ? - Battle will end and will result in the recreation of Arda. Elves will awaken. Second Music of the Ainur.

Major Battles[]

First Age[]

See also Battles of Beleriand.

Second Age[]

Third Age[]

Fourth Age[]

  • No major battle was recorded. Only minor battles of the Reunited Kingdom versus hostile Haradrim and Easterling Tribes were mentioned.

End of Arda[]

Chronological Table of the Quest to destroy the Ring[]

The Lord of the Rings is unusual among Tolkien's works in that a large part of it is not written in Chronological Order. This chronology aligns the chapters by date.

Year (TA) Date The Fellowship
3001 September 22 A Long-expected Party
3018 April 12 The Shadow of the Past
3018 September 23–24 Three is Company
3018 Sep. 25 A Short Cut to Mushrooms
A Conspiracy Unmasked
3018 Sep. 26 The Old Forest
3018 Sep. 26-28 In the House of Tom Bombadil
3018 Sep. 28 Fog on the Barrow-downs
3018 Sep. 29 At the Sign of The Prancing Pony
3018 Sep. 29-October 6 A Knife in the Dark
3018 Oct. 7-20 Flight to the Ford
3018 Oct. 24 Many Meetings
3018 Oct. 25 The Council of Elrond
December 25-
January 12
The Ring Goes South
3019 Jan. 13-14 A Journey in the Dark
3019 Jan. 15 The Bridge of Khazad-dûm
3019 Jan. 15-
February 14
3019 Feb. 14 The Mirror of Galadriel
3019 Feb. 16 Farewell to Lórien
3019 Feb. 16-26 The Great River
Year (TA) Date Merry and Pippin Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli Frodo and Sam
3019 Feb. 26 The Departure of BoromirThe Breaking of the Fellowship
The Departure of Boromir
The Breaking of the Fellowship
3019 Feb. 26-28 The Uruk-haiThe Riders of Rohan
3019 Feb. 29-
March 1
Treebeard The White Rider The Taming of Sméagol
3019 Mar. 2 The King of the Golden Hall The Passage of the Marshes
3019 Mar. 3-4 Helm's Deep
The Road to Isengard
3019 Mar. 5 Flotsam and JetsamThe Voice of SarumanThe Black Gate Opens
3019 Mar. 6 The Palantír Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit
Year (TA) Date Gandalf Merry Aragorn Frodo and Sam
3019 Mar. 7 The Window on the West
The Forbidden Pool

Other Chronologies and Lines of Descent[]


1Silmariën was definitely the eldest child of Tar-Elendil, and her birthdate is given several times as SA 521. In the Tale of Years, the entry of Silmariën's birthdate is given as SA 548, a date that goes back to the first drafts of that text (see Silmariën's article for details).

2In the Tale of years, it says in SA 2251 "Tar-Atanamir takes the sceptre", however, Atanamir died in SA 2221. SA 2221 is itself an emendation of SA 2251, and the former (SA 2221) appears in the later tables, while the latter (SA 2251) in the earlier tables: therefore SA 2251 (properly SA 2221) should have read "Death of Tar-Atanamir. Tar-Ancalimon takes the sceptre."

3In one table (probably an earlier draft) of the Kings of Gondor, Castamir's birthdate is given at TA 1159, however this is clearly impossible: Eldacar was born in SA 1255, and they are in the same generation, so SA 1259 is more correct.

4The date of Sam's birth in the genealogies is SR 1380 (equivalent to TA 2980), however the Tale of Years gives it as TA 2983, which is incorrect; in SR 1476, Sam is said to have been ninety-six years old, so TA 2980 is more correct than SA 2983.

5 Lalia (b. SR 1283) only appears in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien. Pearl is the older sister of Pippin. See Took-clan.

J.R.P.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium

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