Map of the Shire from lord of the rings

Tighfield located on a map of the Shire.

Tighfield was a village in the Westfarthing of the Shire.

It was about twenty miles west of the village of Nobottle also in the Westfarthing and was located on a road that connected it to the adjacent of Gamwich and Little Delving.[1]


Tighfield was the home of the Gamwiches, Gammidges, who were the ancestors of the Gamgee family and the Ropers. The Ropers owned or perhaps managed a rope making business here and a ropewalk was located here. Samwise Gamgee's grandfather Hobson Gamgee managed the ropewalk until it was turned over to his son Andwise Roper and then on to Anson Roper in later times.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Finnish Rossikenttä
French Champfunel
German Reepfeld
Hebrew טייפילד
Italian Piandifune


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