Thorin and Company were a group of thirteen Dwarves, the Wizard Gandalf, and the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, led by Thorin Oakenshield in TA 2941. Their purpose was to regain the lost Dwarven kingdom of the Lonely Mountain from the dragon Smaug.

Background Edit

The formation of the group grew out of a meeting Gandalf had with Thorin in Bree which kindled Thorin's interest in recapturing his long lost family inheritance. (Thorin's grandfather had been the king of the Lonely Mountain when Smaug came and took it.) Remembering that he had once known an adventurous Hobbit on his travels in the Shire, Gandalf decided to add Bilbo to their company because he knew that stealth and cunning were preferable to force. Gandalf also believed that someone like Bilbo could keep the sometimes prideful and stubborn Dwarves from rash action. The superstitious Dwarves also considered thirteen to be an unlucky number, and as Gandalf had planned to leave on other business, welcomed a fourteenth to fill into their party.

History Edit

Bag End- Bilbo Baggins2

Bilbo Baggins at Bag End with Thorin and Company, reading over his work contract

Formation Edit

On April 26, 2941, Gandalf and the Dwarves arrived at Bag End. After a big tea and supper with Bilbo, they explained themselves and their intentions. Bilbo was at first reluctant to join the group but Gandalf rushed him out of the door.

Travels and encounters Edit

After traveling for some time and crossing the river Hoarwell, the company were caught and nearly killed and eaten by three hungry trolls. Gandalf returned in time to keep the monsters occupied until dawn when the light of the Sun turned them to stone. Recovering themselves, the Dwarves found that these Trolls had a cave nearby filled with stolen weapons, food, and a small treasure. Amongst the many weapons were Sting (which Bilbo armed himself with, and which he named after a battle with a giant spider), Orcrist (claimed by Thorin), and Glamdring (taken by Gandalf). Strangely, all were ancient Elvish blades that had been forged several millennia earlier, in the First Age in Gondolin.


Thorin and Company at Rivendell in 2941

Reaching Rivendell in June, the company held talks with Elrond and learned about the secret Moon-letters on Thorin’s old map of the Lonely Mountain. Elrond also read the runes on Orcrist and Glamdring, thus identifying them. After spending a short time there, the group resumed their journey through the Misty Mountains.

On their way through the High Pass, the company (minus Gandalf) were captured by goblins. Taken before the Great Goblin, they were in mortal danger. Gandalf suddenly appeared and killed the Great Goblin, creating enough disarray for them to escape. Unfortunately, Bilbo fell down a hole and was left behind during their hasty retreat. Wandering lost and alone in the depths of the mountain, he found the One Ring and met Gollum, described in The Hobbit as "a small slimy creature … as dark as darkness, except for two big round pale eyes in his thin face."

After a hazardous game of Riddles with the creature, Bilbo fortuitously discovered the ring he had found could make him invisible. Wearing the ring, Bilbo escaped Gollum and a group of goblins guarding the eastern door out of the caverns and soon reunited with his companions. Collecting themselves, the company made their way down the mountainside, where they were attacked by Wargs and forced to seek refuge in the trees. Goblins soon arrived and tried to kill the company by getting them down on the ground by tampering down the trees. With all hope nearly gone, the hapless company was rescued by a group of giant Eagles.

Dwarves of Thorin's Company

Members of the company during their time at Beorn's house

After thanking the Eagles, Thorin and Company made for Beorn's house where they managed to impress the wary shape-changer. Fully stocked and prepared the Company, they left Beorn's home and made for Mirkwood. When they reached the edge of the perilous wood, Gandalf announced that he had pressing business elsewhere and would not be coming with them through the forest. Grumbling, they went on ahead, taking the Forest Path into the darkness of Mirkwood. After a few days, they reached a dark stream which Beorn had warned them not to drink or bathe in, for it was enchanted and caused great drowsiness and forgetfulness. They were able to cross it, but Bombur fell in. By the time they fished him out he was already asleep and had to be carried by the rest of the company.

Eventually, they reached a point where they were practically out of food and tried to beg from a group of feasting Wood-elves. Thorin was captured by these Elves, while the remaining company, with the exception of Bilbo, were snared by Giant Spiders. Bilbo rescued them with the help of his magic ring, but they were soon captured by the angry Elves and imprisoned by their king.

With the aid of the ring, Bilbo eluded the Dwarves' captors. Weeks later, he found a way to free them. Hiding in empty wine barrels, the company made their way down the river to Lake-town. There they were fed and clothed with the hope that they would defeat Smaug and regain prosperity for the region.

They reached the mountain after a few days and tried to locate the Secret door described on the map. They found it with the help of a Thrush. Thorin decided to have Bilbo enter the mountain and "burgle" something. This the hobbit did and even had a conversation with the mighty Smaug (while wearing the Ring, so that he could not be seen). But the enraged Dragon soon emerged and attacked Lake-town, leaving Thorin and Company free to enter the mountain. Meanwhile, the dragon was slain by Bard of Lake-town, but the town suffered great loss and destruction. The Dwarves remained inside the mountain until an army of Lake-men, and later Wood-elves, led by the Elven-king, arrived seeking a share of the treasure to compensate them for their losses. Thorin refused, and the Dwarves were besieged within the mountain. They called for aid from their kin in the Iron Hills (a range to the east of The Lonely Mountain).

The Battle of Five Armies and the Dissolving of the Company Edit

Battle for the Mountain

Thorin and Company during the Battle of Five Armies

Just before they were about to fight the Elves, the company were joined by an army of Dwarves from the Iron Hills. Then Gandalf arrived, just in time to inform them that an army of goblins and Wargs were coming to attack. The battle began and Thorin and Company went to war. Bilbo stayed out of the battle with the aid of the Ring. The enemy had the upper hand until the arrival of the eagles and Beorn. The company and their allies won but Fíli and Kíli had been killed and Thorin was mortally wounded. Bilbo bade farewell to Thorin as he lay dying and then left with Gandalf and a modest share of the treasure.[1][2][3]

Legacy Edit

The deeds of Thorin and Company led to the restoration of the Dwarven Kingdom of the Lonely Mountain and the Dwarven dynasty in the Lonely Mountain, the Kingdom of Dale, the rebuilding of Lake-town, and restoration of peace and prosperity in the immediate area for many years. In the long term, the journey of Thorin and Company and the situations it created led to the Council of Elrond and the formation of the Fellowship of the Ring many years later and played a major part in the starting of the War of the Ring.

It also depleted the forces of evil so that later Sauron would have less to call upon during the War of the Ring. Gloin's son, Gimli, would later be a member of the Fellowship as well, contributing his ax to their ultimate victory. Additionally, Bilbo's finding of the ring would bring it into the care of Frodo, who would one day bring it to its destruction.

Members Edit

Ages of the members
Name Age (TA 2941)
Thorin 195
Fili 82
Kili 77
Oín 167
Glóin 158
Balin 178 (book) 216 (movies)
Dwalin 169
Ori 76 (movies)
Dori 114
Nori 104
Bifur 127
Bofur 98
Bombur 107
Bilbo 50
Gandalf 5000+
Living Members (as of FO 1)
Deceased (died before FO 1)
Name Death Year
Thorin TA 2941
Balin TA 2994
Fili TA 2941
Kili TA 2941
Ori TA 2994
Oín TA 2994


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Thorin en Maatskappy
Albanian Thorin dhe Kompanisë
Amharic ጥሆሪን እና ኩባንያ ?
Arabic ثورين والشركة
Armenian Տհորին եւ ընկերությունը
Azerbaijani Thorin və Şirkətin
Bengali থোরিন ও তার দল
Basque Thorin eta Enpresa
Belarusian Cyrillic То́рын і Кампанія
Bosnian Thorin i Tvrtka
Bulgarian Cyrillic Торин и компания
Catalan Companyia de Thorin
Cebuano Thorin ug Mga kauban
Chinese 索林及其跟随者
Cornish Thorin ha Felshyp
Croatian Thorin i Tvrtka
Czech Thorin a Společnost
Danish Thorin og Virksomhed
Dutch Thorin en Metgezellen
Esperanto Thorin kaj Kompanio
Estonian Thorin ja Ettevõtte
Faroese Thorin og Handilshús
Fijian Thorin kei na Kabani
Filipino Thorin at Kumpanya
Finnish Thorin ja seurue
French Compagnie de Thorin
Galician Thorin e Compañía
Georgian თორინ და კომპანია
German Thorin und Unternehmen
Greek Θόριν και της Εταιρείας
Gujarati ઠોરિન અને કંપની
Hausa Thorin da kuma Kamfanin
Hebrew תורין ושותפיו
Hindi थोरिन एंड कंपनी
Hmong Thorin thiab Niaj hnub
Hungarian Thorin és társai
Icelandic Thorin og Fylgdarlið
Indonesian Thorin dan Kawan-kawan
Irish Gaelic Thorin agus Cuideachta
Italian Thorin e la sua Compagnia
Japanese トーリンと会社
Javanese Thorin lan Perusahaan
Kannada ಥೋರಿನ್ ಮತ್ತು ಕಂಪನಿ
Kazakh Торин босқа және Компания ? (Cyrillic) Torïn bosqa jäne Kompanïya ? (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Тhорин жана коом
Latin Thorinus et Cum ?
Latvian Thorin un Sabiedrība
Lithuanian Thorin ir kompanija
Luxembourgish Thorin a Betrib
Macedonian Cyrillic Торин и компанија
Malagasy Thorin sy ny Orinasa
Malaysian Thorin dan Syarikat
Maltese Thorin u Kumpannija
Maori Thorin me Kamupene
Marathi ठोरिन आणि कंपनी
Mongolian Cyrillic Торины болон Компанийн
Nepalese ठोरिन र कम्पनी
Norwegian Thorin og Selskap
Pashto طهورین او د شرکت د
Persian تورین و شرکاء
Polish Kompania Thorina
Portuguese Thorin e Companhia
Punjabi ਠੋਰਿਨ ਅਤੇ ਕੰਪਨੀ
Romanian Thorin și Compania
Russian Торин и компании
Samoan Thorin ma Kamupani
Scottish Gaelic Thorin agus Companaidh
Serbian Торин и компанија (Cyrillic) Тоrin i Kompanija (Latin)
Sinhalese එලීජා සහ සමාගම
Slovak Thorin a družina
Slovenian Thorin in Družba
Somalian Thorin iyo Shirkadda
Spanish Thorin y Compañía
Sudanese Thorin jeung Pausahaan
Swahili Thorin na Kampuni
Swedish Torin och Företag
Tahitian Thorin e te Taiete
Tajik Cyrillic Тҳорин ва Ширкат
Tamil தோரின் மற்றும் நிறுவனத்தின்
Telugu ఠొరిన అండ్ కంపెనీ
Thai ธอรินโอ และ บริษัท
Turkish Thorin Meşekalkan
Ukrainian Cyrillic Торін і Компанія
Urdu توران اینڈ کمپنی
Uzbek Тҳорин ва Компанияси (Cyrillic) Thorin va Kompaniyasi (Latin)
Vietnamese Thorin Khiên sồi
Welsh Thorin a Chwmni
Yiddish טהאָרין און פֿירמע
Yoruba Thorin ati Ile
Yucarec Maya Thorin ka Compañía

References Edit

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