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The Third Kinslaying was the third, last, and cruelest of the slayings of Elf by Elf by the Sons of Fëanor.



When Maedhros and Maglor heard that Elwing had survived the fall of Doriath and was keeping the Silmaril at the Havens of Sirion, they prepared an army to attack the Havens and take the Silmaril by force.

The Battle

When the sons of Fëanor attacked there was great confusion and treachery. Amrod and Amras died in the battle, but the Havens were destroyed and practically all those who had survived the ruined Elven realm of Doriath were slain. The only survivors of the battle among the defenders were Elwing and her two sons, Elros and Elrond. With the help of Ulmo, Elwing was able to escape and reach her husband Eärendil, who was out at sea on his ship, the Vingilotë. The brothers spared the lives of the two boys, Elros and Elrond, and Maglor grew fond of them and treated them almost as if they were his own.


With the deaths of Amrod and Amras, Maedhros and Maglor were the only remaining sons of Fëanor left alive in Middle-earth, nor did they seem to have many followers left. Eönwë, the herald of Manwë, declared that because of their evil deeds the remaining Sons of Fëanor had lost all right to the Silmarils.[1]


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