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The Rings of Power

Theo was a resident of Tirharad in the Second Age, and the son of Bronwyn.


Theo is at first skeptical of the Elf Arondir's feelings toward his mother. Shortly after Arondir's company is relieved of duty watching over Tirharad, and Hordern has been destroyed, Theo accidentally unleashes an Orc that had long hidden under his house, and he is almost killed before Bronwyn beheads it. This incident prompts the people of Tirharad to leave and find safety in the Elven tower of Ostirith. In the same week, Theo had also found a mysterious, haunted weapon bearing Sauron's sigil and exuding a subtle black force, while trespassing in Waldreg's barn with Rowan.

Theo uses hilt - TRoP

Theo uses the dark hilt to escape Vrath

Theo takes the weapon when he and Rowan return to the abandoned Tirharad to scavenge for supplies, and is forced to make use of it when confronted by the Orc Vrath. He escapes by hiding in a well until nightfall, but is caught again by Vrath, and only saved by Arondir's timely return. He and the Elf are chased by the remaining Orcs through the woods; and are aided in finally escaping by the dawn's light. Back in Ostirith, Waldreg reveals that he made use of the dark sword-hilt before Theo, and warns the boy to be ready for Sauron's imminent return. When made aware of Adar's offer to spare any who swear fealty to him, Waldreg leads around half the village to do so, believing Adar to be, in fact, Sauron. Waldreg seeks to convince Theo to follow, though to no avail.

Theo reveals the dark hilt to Arondir, who keeps it and devises a plan in which the Southlanders retreat back to Tirharad once Adar's forces leave and collapse the watchtower once Adar arrives there. This is successful, though Adar survives and leads his troops back to Tirharad. Theo guards those unable to fight inside the barricaded tavern, though eventually the Orcs break in, and Theo is forced to reveal the hilt's location to keep Adar from killing his mother. Just then, a company of Númenóreans arrive and defeat the Orcs, and Arondir receives back what is believed to be the hilt from Galadriel, who has come with the company. Theo discovers that this is in fact a decoy, for Waldreg has taken the real artifact to Ostirith at Adar's bidding and used it to unlock a dam; the ensuing waters run to the base of Orodruin and cause its eruption.

Theo & Galadriel - TRoP

Theo travels with Galadriel to safety

In the following chaos, Theo is separated from his kinsmen and happens upon Galadriel, who journeys with him back to the Númenórean camp. Along the way they are forced to evade a number of Orcs; during this time Galadriel encourages Theo to be the warrior he desires to be, and Theo helps the Elf to realize some of her own misplaced aspirations. Upon reaching the camp, Theo initially worries that his mother has been killed, though is soon reunited with her and Arondir. When Galadriel leaves for Eregion, she gifts Theo the sword she brought from Númenor.

Behind the scenes[]

Portrayed by Australian actor Tyroe Muhafidin, he was created for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and as such is non-canonical. The character's name was first revealed on April 19, 2022 via official social media accounts.