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The Water flowing into the Brandywine River, as seen in The Lord of the Rings Online.

The Water was a river in The Shire and a tributary to the Brandywine river.

It began in the Northfarthing, located in the North Moors near Long Cleeve and then passed into the Eastfarthing where it joined the River Brandywine. As The Water passed the village of Bywater, it formed Bywater Pool before heading on its way towards Budgeford and then Bridgefields before striking the Brandywine.

According to the The Atlas of Middle-earth, it was approximately two-hundred miles long.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Catalan l'aigua
Danish Vandet
Dutch Het Water
Esperanto La Akvo
French L'Eau
German Die Wässer
Greek το νερό
Hebrew ה נהר
Italian Lo Acqua
Polish Woda
Portuguese (Brazil) O Água
Malagasy Ny Rano
Norwegian Renna
Spanish El Agua
Welsh y Dŵr
Yiddish די וואַסער


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