The Notion Club Papers is the title of an abandoned novel that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote in 1945, published after his death in Sauron Defeated, the ninth volume of The History of Middle-earth.

Story Edit

The paper is a somewhat science-fictional time-travel story, written at the same time as The Lord of the Rings was being developed. The story itself involves the minutes of the meetings of an arts discussion club at Oxford, a fictionalization of Tolkien's own club, the Inklings.

Background Edit

During these meetings, Alwin Arundel Lowdham discusses his lucid dreams about Númenor; through these dreams, he "discovers" much about the Númenor story and the languages of Middle-earth (notably Quenya, Sindarin, and Adûnaic). While not finished, at the end of the given story it becomes clear Lowdham himself is a reincarnation of sorts of Elendil. (Alwin is a modernisation of the name Ælfwine, Old English for Elf-friend, or Elendil in Quenya.) Other members of the Club also mention their vivid dreams of other times and places.

Tolkien not only created fictional meetings for these papers; he also created a fictional history for the manuscript of the papers. According to the papers, the meetings occurred in the 1980's; they even mention events that occurred in that and the prior decades. About one-quarter of the papers were found among sacks of waste paper in 2012 at Oxford by a "Mr. Green". Mr. Green published a first edition containing excerpts from these papers, indicating that they were written during the 1980's by one of the participants. Two scholars read the first edition, asked to examine the manuscripts, and then submitted a full report. The "Notes to the Second Edition" mentions contradictory evidence in dating it.

These papers, which make a number of comments on Lewis' Space Trilogy, remind one of C. S. Lewis' commentary on Tolkien's poem The Lay of Leithian, in which Lewis created a fictional history of scholarship of the poem and even referred to other manuscript tradition to recommend changes to the poem.

By an odd coincidence, The Notion Club Papers mentions a great storm occurring during 1987 in England, and indeed the fictional commentary notes that this provides evidence that it could not have been written in the 1940s. In real life the Great Storm of 1987 occurred in October of that year.

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أوراق نادي المفهوم
Azerbaijani Konsepsiya klubunun sənədləri
Belarusian Cyrillic Паняцце клубныя дакументы
Bulgarian Cyrillic Понятието Клубни документи
Burmese အဆိုပါအယူအဆကလပ်စာရွက်စာတမ်းများ
Catalan Els papers del Notion Club
Chinese 概念俱乐部文件
Croatian Pojam Kluba Dokumenata
Danish Den Begreb Klubbdokumenter
Dutch De Notie Vereniging Papieren
Esperanto La koncepto Klubaj Paperoj
Filipino Ang Paniwala Kapisanan mga Dokumento
Finnish Konsepti klubi papereita
Gujarati આ કલ્પના ક્લબ પેપર્સ
Hebrew הקונספט מועדון מאמרים
Hindi नोटियन क्लब कागजात
Japanese 概念クラブ論文
Kannada ಅಭಿಪ್ರಾಯ ಕ್ಲಬ್ ಪೇಪರ್ಸ್
Kazakh Тұжырымдаманың клубтық құжаттары (Cyrillic) Tujırımdamanıñ klwbtıq qujattarı (Latin)
Korean 개념 클럽 문서
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Түшүнүгү клуб документтер
Marathi नोटियन क्लब पेपर्स
Nepalese अवधारणा क्लब कागजातहरू
Norwegian Konseptet Klubbpapirene
Persian مقالات باشگاه مفهوم
Polish Dokumenty klubu koncepcyjnego
Portuguese Os papéis de Clube de Noção
Punjabi ਸੰਕਲਪ ਕਲੱਬ ਦਸਤਾਵੇਜ਼
Romanian Concepeți documentele clubului
Sinhalese සංකල්ප සමාජ ලිපිලේඛන
Spanish Los papeles del Noción Club
Swedish Begreppet Klubbpapper
Tajik Cyrillic Клубҳои консептуалӣ коғазҳо
Telugu ది నోషన్ క్లబ్ పేపర్స్
Thai เอกสารของสโมสรแนวคิด
Turkish Konsept kulübü kağıtları
Ukrainian Cyrillic Поняття клубних документів
Yiddish די קאָנסעפּט קלוב פּאַפּערס
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