The Muster of Rohan is the third chapter of the Book Five of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Return of the King.


The kingdom of Rohan prepares for war; Merry heads off for Minas Tirith, on a horse with a rider who calls himself Dernhelm (who is Éowyn).


Foreign Language Translated name
Bulgarian Cyrillic Роханският сбор
Danish Mønstringen i Rohan
Finnish Rohanin kutsunta
German Die Heerschau von Rohan
Hungarian A rohani seregszemle
Italian L'adunata di Rohan
Polish Przegląd sił Rohanu
Portuguese A Concentração das Tropas de Rohan
Russian Сбор войска Рохана
Spanish El acantonamiento de Rohan
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