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The Lost Road is the name of a time-travel work of which J.R.R. Tolkien only wrote four chapters (and assorted notes), though is entirely integrated with his mythology.[1]


The Lost Road tells of the voyage of Ælfwine and his trip to Tol Eressëa along with other characters journeys in later times. Much of this story was later influenced the details of the similar The Notion Club Papers (with at least one of the characters referencing the general events of the The Lost Road). Tolkien wrote:

I began an abortive book of time-travel of which the end was to be the presence of my hero in the drowning of Atlantis. This was to be called Númenor, the Land in the West. The thread was to be the occurrence time and again in human families (like Durin among the Dwarves) of a father and son called by names that could be interpreted as Bliss-friend and Elf-friend. ..... It started with a father-son affinity between Edwin and Elwin of the present, and was supposed to go back into legendary time by way of an Eädwine and Ælfwine of circa A.D. 918, and Audoin and Alboin of Lombardic legend, and so to the traditions of the North Sea concerning the coming of corn and culture heroes, ancestors of kingly lines, in boats (and their departure in funeral ships). ..... In my tale we were to come at last to Amandil and Elendil leaders of the loyal party in Númenor, when it fell under the domination of Sauron.[2]

The importance of the story is that it was an early introduction to the Fall of Númenor.

The tale's title is a reference to the Straight Road, a secret path leading from Middle-earth to Aman.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Die Verlore Pad
Albanian Rruga e humbur
Amharic የጠፋ መንገዱ
Arabic الطريق الضائع
Armenian Կորած ճանապարհը
Azerbaijani Kaybolan yol
Basque Galdutako bidea
Belarusian Cyrillic Страчаная дарога
Bengali হারিয়ে যাওয়া রাস্তা
Bosnian Izgubljeni put
Bulgarian Cyrillic Изгубеният път
Cambodian ផ្លូវដែលបាត់បង់
Catalan El Camí Perdut
Cebuano Ang Nawala nga Dalan
Chinese 失落的道路
Corsican U strada Perdida
Croatian Izgubljeni put
Czech Ztracená cesta
Danish Den Forsvundne Vej
Dutch De Verloren Weg
Esperanto La Perdita Vojo
Estonian Kadunud tee
Fijian Na Gaunisala ni Yali
Filipino Ang Nawala na Daan
Finnish Kadonnut tie
French La Route perdue
Galician A Estrada Perdida
Georgian დაკარგული გზა
German Die Verlorene Straße
Greek Ο χαμένος δρόμος
Gujarati ખોવાયેલો રસ્તો
Haitian Creole Wout la Pèdi
Hebrew הדרך האבודה
Hindi खोया सड़क
Hungarian Az elveszett út
Icelandic Missti vegurinn
Indonesian Jalan Yang Hilang
Irish Gaelic An Bóthar Caillte
Italian La strada perduta
Japanese 失われた道
Javanese Jalan sing ilang
Kannada ಕಳೆದುಹೋದ ರಸ್ತೆ
Kazakh Жоғалған жол (Cyrillic) Joğalğan jol (Latin)
Korean 잃어버린 길
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Жоголгон жол
Laotian ເສັ້ນທາງທີ່ສູນຫາຍ
Latvian Pazudušais ceļš
Lithuanian Prarastas kelias
Luxembourgish De Verluerene Strooss
Macedonian Cyrillic Изгубениот пат
Malagasy Ny Lalana Very
Malayalam നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ട റോഡ്
Malaysian Jalan Yang Hilang
Maltese It-Triq Mitlufa
Marathi हरवलेला रस्ता
Mongolian Cyrillic Алдагдсан зам
Nepalese हराएको सडक
Norwegian Den Tapte Veien
Pashto ورک شوی سړک
Persian جاده از دست رفته
Polish Zaginiona droga
Portuguese A Estrada Perdida
Punjabi ਗੁੰਮ ਹੋਈ ਸੜਕ
Romanian Drumul pierdut
Russian Утраченный путь
Samoan Le auala na leiloa
Serbian Изгубљени пут (Cyrillic) Izgubljeni put (Latin)
Sindhi گم ٿيل روڊ
Sinhalese නැතිවූ මාර්ගය
Ukrainian Cyrillic Втрачений шлях
Scottish Gaelic An Rathad Chaill
Slovak Stratenú cestu
Slovenian Izgubljena cesta
Somalian Wadadii lumay
Spanish El camino perdido
Swahili Njia iliyopotea
Swedish Den Förlorade Vägen
Tajik Cyrillic Роҳи гумшуда
Tamil இழந்த சாலை
Tatar Югалган юл
Telugu కోల్పోయిన రహదారి
Thai ถนนที่หายไป
Turkish Kayıp Yol
Turkmen Ýitirilen ýol
Urdu گمشدہ سڑک
Uzbek Йўқолган йўл (Cyrillic) Yo'qolgan yo'l (Latin)
Vietnamese Con đường bị mất
Welsh Y Ffordd a Gollwyd
Xhosa Indlela elahlekileyo
Yiddish די פאַרפאַלן וועג


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