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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - Season One is the first season of the live-action TV series produced by Amazon Studios. It premiered on September 2, 2022.


Episode Image Title Directed by Written by Release date
1 Middle-earth Amazon first look A Shadow of the Past J.A. Bayona J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay September 2, 2022
2 TRoP - Elrond and Celebrimbor at the West-gate Adrift J.A. Bayona Gennifer Hutchison September 2, 2022
3 Elendil & children - The Rings of Power Adar Wayne Che Yip Jason Cahill and Justin Doble September 9, 2022
4 Galadriel speaks to Miriel - The Rings of Power The Great Wave Wayne Che Yip Stephany Folsom and J.D. Payne & Patrick McKay September 16, 2022
5 Gil-galad speaks to Elrond - TRoP Partings Wayne Che Yip Justin Doble September 23, 2022
6 Halbrand at Tirharad - TRoP Udûn Charlotte Brändström Nicholas Adams & Justin Doble and J.D. Payne & Patrick McKay September 30, 2022
7 Sadoc and Stranger - TRoP The Eye Charlotte Brändström Jason Cahill October 7, 2022
8 Celebrimbor at forge - TroP Alloyed Wayne Che Yip Gennifer Hutchison and J.D. Payne & Patrick McKay October 14, 2022


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