The Hobbit Extended Edition is a version of Peter Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy. These versions have new editing, scenes, special effects and music, and also more scenes and content than the theatrical versions.

Extended scenes Edit

In the Extended Edition, we see many scenes that don't appear in the Theatrical Edition. These are those Scenes:

An Unexpected Journey Edit

  • Prologue: The Fall of Erebor (Extended)
  • Mr. Baggins (Added)
  • Blunt the Knives (Extended)
  • Rivendell (Extended)
  • A Short Rest (Extended)
  • The Last Homely House (Added)
  • The White Council (Extended)
  • The Great Goblin (Extended)

The Desolation of Smaug Edit

  • The Quest for Erebor (Extended)
  • Queer Lodgings (Added)
  • Where the Shadows Lie (Added)
  • Elven-gate (Extended)
  • Mirkwood (Extended)
  • The Master of Lake-town (Extended)
  • The World of Men (Extended)
  • The Prophecy (Extended)
  • A Warm Welcome (Extended)
  • The Parting of the Company (Extended)
  • The Lonely Mountain (Extended)
  • The Spell of Concealment (Extended)
  • Son of Thrór (Added)
  • The Enemy Revealed (Extended)

The Battle of the Five Armies Edit

  • Bard the Dragon Slayer (Extended)
  • Attack on Dol Guldur (Extended)
  • "Summon Our Friends" (Extended)
  • The Elven-king's Aid (Extended)
  • The Night Watch (Added)
  • An Honest Burglar (Extended)
  • Dáin Ironfoot (Extended)
  • The Clouds Burst (Extended)
  • The Darkest Hour (Extended)
  • "To the King!" (Extended)
  • A Call to Arms (Extended)
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    Thorin's Plan (Extended)
  • The War Chariot (Added)
  • Courage and Cowardice (Extended)
  • An Unforeseen Remedy (Added)
  • The Battle at Ravenhill (Extended)
  • To the Death (Extended)
  • King Under the Mountain (Added)
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