The Grey Havens is the ninth and the last chapter of Book Six of The Return of the King.


Now that Lotho and Sharkey's tyranny is overthrown in the Shire, the Hobbits rebuild the villages of the region. Sam opens the box Galadriel gave him and finds a small silver seed, which he plants. In the Party Field, a Mallorn springs up to replace the old tree that was cut down. Many children are born that year. Merry and Pippin become heroes in the Shire, but Frodo quietly retires. That spring, Sam marries Rose "Rosie" Cotton, Farmer Cotton's daughter, and they live at Bag End with Frodo.

Frodo decides to travel to Rivendell to see Bilbo Baggins. Frodo entrusts to Sam a history of the War, written in part by Bilbo. Frodo, Sam, and others set out. As they enter the Woody End, they meet Elrond and Galadriel, who now wear two of the Three Elven rings, riding slowly behind the two Elves is Bilbo himself. Sam and Frodo accompany the travelers to the Great Sea. When they reach the gates of the Grey Havens, they find Gandalf, wearing the last of the Three Rings, waiting for them. Beyond him is a great white ship, ready to sail to the West across the sea.

Pippin and Merry appear, wishing to be present at Frodo's departure. Frodo sadly bids farewell to his three friends and boards the ship. Gandalf entreats the three Hobbits to enjoy each others friendship as they quietly return to the Shire. Sam enters his warm home, where he finds Rosie waiting. She puts their young daughter, Elanor in his lap, and Sam draws a deep breath and says, "Well, I'm back."


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Die Grys Hawens
Arabic ال رمادي الملاذات
Armenian Մոխրագույն Հավենս
Belarussian Cyrillic Шэрыя Гавані
Bosnian Sivo skloništi
Bulgarian Cyrillic Сивите заливи
Catalan Les Ports Grises
Croatian Siva utočišta
Czech Šedé přístavy
Danish Den Grå Tilflugtsstedet
Dutch De Grijze Havens
Esperanto La Grizaj Havenoj
Finnish Harmaat satamat
French Les Havres Gris
Galician O Portos Grises
Georgian ნაცრისფერი თავშესაფრები
German Die Grauen Anfurten
Greek Ο Γκρι Καταφύγια
Hebrew ה הנמלים האפורים
Hindi द ग्रे ठिकाने
Irish Gaelic An Tearmainn Liath
Italian I Rifugi Oscuri
Latvian Pelēkas oāzes
Lithuanian Pilkosios prieglaudos
Macedonian Cyrillic Греy Хавенс
Malaysian Tempat perlindungan kelabu
Maltese Il-Rifuġji Griż
Maori Te Pūmā Rama
Norwegian Den Grå Tilfluktssteder
Occitan Lo Pòrtas Gris
Portuguese Os Portos Cinzentos (Brazilian Portuguese)
Romanian Paradisurile gri
Russian Серая Гавань
Sinhalese අළු පැහැති හැව්න්ස්
Spanish Los Puertos Grises
Swedish Den Grå Tillflyktsorter
Turkish Gri Limanlar
Welsh Y Llwyd Hafanau
Yiddish די גריי האַווענס
Zulu Ama-Izindawo zokuhlala Ezimpunga
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